painkiller during pregnancy is safeHealthy pregnancy starts with leading a fulfilling and naturally healthy lifestyle. It focuses on taking the right nutrients and avoiding certain substances that may not be safe for both mother and child. However, many expectant mothers may find that their pregnancy is painful. They may experience back pain, tender breasts, swollen feet or an upset stomach amongst other complaints. They may turn to painkillers, but this can often make matters worse.

Gynaecologists now confirm that taking excessive painkillers could lead to damage of the unborn foetus. These type of painkilling drugs can lower hormones especially in the unborn, when they are taken to excess. Dr Adedayo Olakunle, a gynaecologist at the White Waters Hospital in Ikorodu, Nigeria confirms this.

Many believe that painkillers can even reduce testosterone. This male hormone is produced by the testicles. It is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics in baby boys.

An excessive intake of painkilling drugs can also likely affect fertility later on in life. Olakunle believes that pregnant women should learn to get enough rest. This is especially when their body is aching from the use of painkillers. He also suggests that the dosage used should be the lowest available. Moreover, it should only used for the shortest possible amount of time available.

A Natural Form of Pain Relief

Every pregnant woman wants to take care of herself and her baby. However, she may resort to painkillers  in an attempt to find relief for any signs of pain. While the painful symptoms may disappear, this is temporary. In fact, they may often reappear at a later stage and carry with them many unwanted side effects.

A better way to find relief from pain is to take Serrapeptase. This proteolytic enzyme is derived from the silkworm intestine. However, it is now synthetically manufactured in a laboratory.

Robert Redfern, author of ‘The Miracle Enzyme’ explains in his book how this enzyme plays an important role in dissolving and digesting inflammation within the body. This is the true cause of painful symptoms. By breaking down the inflammation, it’s possible for the body to then start healing itself. Serrapeptase in the form of Serra Enzyme 80,000IU from Good Health Naturally is highly recommended for this purpose and for providing pain relief.

Another option is to use acupressure techniques to safely stimulate the pain and pressure points, to release tension. It’s possible to do this from the safety of your own home using an electro-acupressure device such as HealthPoint™ from Good Health Naturally which safely targets the pain points without the use of needles! The device is safe for use during pregnancy and could help to relieve the first signs of aches and pains.

Magnesium is also excellent for providing pain relief from many symptoms and can help you to relax during pregnancy. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes or Ultra Spray with OptiMSM® for superior cellular absorption, can all help to relax the body and therefore these are highly recommended for this purpose.

You might also want to read ‘Improving Fertility Health in 30 Days’ by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and are giving your child the best start in life.

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