what is gestational diabetesGestational Diabetes is more likely to occur if you consume starches such as potatoes on a regular basis. This is according to research published in the British Medical Journal. Consuming potatoes may also make it easier to develop gestational diabetes if you’re a pregnant woman.

The study, performed from 1991 – 2001, showed the tracked the food consumption rate, including potatoes. More than 15,000 women took part in the Nurses’s Health Study II. The lead researcher stated a significant finding. A diet with a high level of potato consumption before pregnancy correlates to a greater risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

Reducing foods such as starchy vegetables like potatoes may be the answer. This is especially when vegetables, whole grains or legumes replace them in the diet. Researchers estimated a 9% reduction risk in gestational diabetes for those who substitute vegetables in place of  over two potato servings weekly.

However, results also showed that substituting legumes or other vegetables lowers risk of this condition developing. Robert Redfern at Naturally Healthy Publications recommends that all sugar and starchy carbs should be reduced or eliminated. This helps prevent damage to your foetus during pregnancy based upon numerous studies.

For lower blood sugar levels, it is best to follow the healthy lifestyle plan outlined in the Diabetes Health Plan on Serrapeptase.info.  In particular, Cinnamon can help with controlling blood sugar levels and maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

You will also want to read the Solving Diabetes Type II in 27 Days book by Robert Redfern. It has more information about how to improve your Diabetes Type II and your health and wellness in the long term.


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