Q: Which product is best for high cholesterol, inflammatory bowel disease, and moderate plaque?
A: Serranol

Prescript Assist

Try to follow a really healthy foods plan here:



Q: Have previously taken serrapeptase and stopped after becoming violently ill in stomach.

I have Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiples food allergies, weak adrenals and thryoid issues and chronic digestion issues along with sinus..

My problems is the low stomach acid and when I take any products i feel as if i am being burnt alive… vomiting follows and it feels like my gastric lining is being stripped.

I have an abundance of mucous from sinus i need to clear again..but am so frightened of taking it again as i worry it thins out the small amount of stomach mucous and lining that I have left.

Does it still work taken with food?


A: You simply have to repair your digestive tract before going any further.

See the plan: Digestive Health Recovery Plan



Q: Thanks so much for responding to my question quickly. I have been following your advice with using Seranol but decided to do a gradual increase of the product and work it up to your suggested amounts due to digestive issues and everything seams to be going fine with the digestion.

I have another concern not related to this which is regarding amalgam removal/mercury toxicity. I was wondering if any of your products could help me in removing the mercury toxicity if there is any before, during, and after the removal of my amalgams?


A: Take before, during and afterwards for a month or so. I recommend Alpha Lipoic Acid-R and CurcuminX4000.


Q: Robert, Do you have any remedy for “leaky gut syndrome”?

Would curcumin be of any value as a remedy?


A: Leaky gut plan coming next. Yes Curcumin may help but we take this every day anyway for the rest of our lives as it is one of the essentials for a healthy life.


Part 1

GlycoBoost – Take as per bottle label

Prescript Assist – Take as per bottle label but double the dose for 2 weeks and then reduce to normal (read more at www.probiotic29.com)

CurcuminX4000 – Take 1 x 3 times per day before each meal.

Once your problems are resolved take one Essential Digestive Complex before any cooked meal.


Part 2

High sugar foods and processed foods are a no no in digestive recovery. This is sometimes referred to as the Hunter/Gather diet as it does not have any modern processed food food. We have a new web site www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com where we post menus, meal ideas and food lists from the list below. It will be updated over the coming weeks and so keep checking it for changes.


My recovery food plan (and anti-aging) and to maintain ‘perfect Health’ (pH).

Eating a mainly alkaline diet (high pH) is the other critical thing to do (see attached shopping ideas).

STOP all, starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and cows milk products. Try to stick to only Quinoa and the other carb alternative shown at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com for your health.

Eat some of the following foods every 2 hours.

Eat up to 10-14 small portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups (hot or cold), juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups) (Organic if possible).

Eat 3-5 portions nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds)

Eat 3-5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries, red grapes (especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily) etc).

Hemp, Omega 3 or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil etc

Fish should be wild caught eg Alaskan Salmon, Sardines etc Meat should only be grass fed organic or wild. Eggs should be from organic grass pasture raised chickens.

Drink 8 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. VERY IMPORTANT

Take 3 x teaspoons of Sea or Rock salt daily in food or a little water.


Q: Hi

Many Thanks for speedy reply.

I am taking BLOCKBUSTER ALLCLEAR – three x three daily.

No I have not had any digestive problems apart from acid reflux very occasionally.

A: Try a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each of you 6-8 glasses of water.


Q: Hi Robert,

Bob has to have his gastric feeding tube replaced, it is been in use two years now and has seen better days, now leaking at the top. He will be done on an out patient (same day surgery) on Thursday. It is supposed to be a fairly simple procedure with little risk. They asked if he’s taking any fish oil supplements and say it can cause bleeding. He’s not but gets salmon and tuna several times a week. I see some omega 3 in this meal product that we use but I don’t think it is enough to worry about. He gets it once a day: http://myvega.com/products/vega-one-shake/features-benefits This one is the only one I can use right now until the tube is replaced, it is a much thinner consistency than the raw meal product.

They say any fish oil has to be stopped five days ahead of procedure.

Is there any concern with anything in the Blockbuster? I wasn’t planning on stopping it.


A: Fish Oil only thins the blood in a dosage of 6x recommended dosage or more. BlockBuster is fine as you say.


Q: Hi Robert

I’ve already sent an email regarding my husband having diarrhea and wondering if it can be a side effect. The reason I ask now, is that after the diarrhea went, he took another 3 tablets before going to bed to start again on the serrapeptase and woke up this morning with diarrhea and feeling sick again. Before we race off to a doctor and he tell us all sorts of crap, just wondering your answer to this.


A: I am afraid all a doctor can say is to stop taking them and so don’t waste your time.

Did I reply suggesting he take 6 glasses of water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda?

Does he have other regular digestive problems?

Take good care.


Q: I just had an upper endoscopy due to a family history of esophagus ca .. And due to having increasingly worsening heartburn, they found grade B esophagitis ….. I wanted a natural remedy, and your article and others about this enzyme surfaced. I will be trying it and hope it helps and take away the need for me to take Tums, Advil as much as I do….. And if it will help my RLS….. I will marry it, lol… Will keep you posted.


A: Do not use serrapeptase. The plan is here: Digestive Health Plan


Q: Hello Robert,

Thank you for this wonderful site.

I have delayed stomach emptying and was told that a protease or proteolytic enzyme might help my problem. I did not see stomach/digestive issues mentioned except to say that as an anti-inflammatory, this enzyme causes no digestive issues like ibuprofen does. I also have gerd, a hiatal hernia and a stomach ulcer.



A: Thank you for your kind comments.

A protease enzyme is the worst thing you can take until your digestive probems are cleared.

I recommend for your problems:

1. Prescript Assist (essential)

2. Gastro (essential)

3. GlycoBoost (if funds run to it)

See these things at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com


Q: I have an inflamed bowel and problems digesting my food and my gallbladder doesn’t work to well due to my under active thyroid.

I am taking curcumin as on bottle and it is helping slightly. What is the highest dose you recommend?



A: It is imperative you get your digestive system healthy as these problems can lead to much worse problems.

I am sending the plan in the link below and it is important you follow everything and importantly the diet.

Also add Nascent Iodine Drops 3 drops x 3 times per day in a little water to resolve your thyroid.

Are you already taking a multi Mineral/Vitamin? Everyone need one to compensate the missing minerals in the diet.

Stay in touch. Digestive Health Plan.



Q: I have digestive problems or more correctly colon problems, irritation and pain, what can I do?

A: I do need a better diagnosis to give you the best plan.

Failing that you can try:



Both of these are at www.goodhealthnaturally.com


Q: I have used serrapeptase in the past for chronically inflamed sinuses and the results were amazing. The problem is that I have digestive problems because of food allergies and have experienced stomach discomfort when taking serrapeptase. I have low stomach acid and bicarb doesn’t help. I would like to take serrapeptase again as my sinus problems are making life difficult at the moment.

Can you help?

A: I suggest you follow the digestive recovery plan on this link below.

It is essential for good health to have a healthy digestive tract: Digestive Health Plan



Q: I’m stuck. I’ve got Helicobacter pylori and Candida. Can’t take antibiotics or manuka honey. Mastika does’nt work. neither does sulphorophane. I’ve tried just about everything on the market. Serraptase just burns my stomach. any ideas how I can get out of this mess? Thanks.


A:  I guarantee these will work and fast.

1st Line Immune Kit

Prescript Assist

See them at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com



Q: Thanks, how does these thiocyanate ions work? It talks about lactoperoxidase. 1-I cant tolerate milk 2-wont peroxidase burn the damaged lining of my stomach? Thanks.

A: No it will not burn anything. It only replaces what your body is missing.



Q: Dear Robert,

I took Serrapeptase for two days on an empty stomach and on both occasions found I had an urgency to have the use of my bowel for at least three times in rapid succession. Could this be a coincidence or is it something to do with the Serrapeptase.

Naturally, I would be very grateful to receive a reply. Many thanks


A: Yes it could have been the serrapeptase having a cleansing effect. Try reducing to a minimum and build up more slowly.



Q: Dear Robert Redfern,

I have been taking Omeprozole drugs (one capsule per day) for the past 20 years for Hiatus Hernia, also one Aspirin per day for the past 16 years after a slight stroke.

I have recently had stomach problems and had a Gastroscopy to check for any problems. The results show superficial ulcers in the duodenum.

I have been informed that Serrrapeptase is ok to take if you have stomach ulcers or any problems in that area, however in your book (The Miracle Enzyme) you state on page 32 the opposite.

I have been taking Serrapeptase for about 10 months.

I would welcome any comments or information that may help, or any treatment that would be useful as I am a little confused.


A: I stand by my finding. You may suffer discomfort with serrapeptase (not everyone) and you will want to stop until you have healed your digestive tract.

I have a lifestyle plan that you can use to heal your digestive tract in the link below and restart your life (as I did 26 years ago).

Digestive Health Recovery Plan


Q: Hi, I had a bowel resection about 6 months ago and have been taking serrapeptase for quite a while. I had sensitivities to it while taking it, but I was also taking 3000mg Vitamin C to help repair after surgery that I was recommended. I ended up getting severe stomach pains every single time I ate no matter what I ate. So I started taking the serrapeptase with baking soda it seemed to help a bit, but then I read that Vitamin c in high doses can cause stomach upset as well.

So I stopped taking both for a bit and it got way better. I took a break and then got back on the serrapeptase 1 pill, 3 times a day (each pill 4000units) recently I noticed even with out taking the vitamin c the serrapeptase with baking soda and the 1 pill 3 times a day gave me a bit of stomach upset. So then I stopped again, about 1/2 week to a week I developed a intestinal bug (i think and so the doctor thinks).

First one since the surgery, and it is almost a week now having it, it seemed to be getting better now picking up again. Not sure if there is anyway the serrapeptase has started giving me a bit of IBS or if it is indeed a nasty bug. Wondering if you have any insight? I’m at a loss, I have been on a liquid diet then a white bread and food that can bung you up and it seemed like it was getting better but now I am seeming to go more again! Hoping you can help and have any ideas!


A: You can only stop and restart things to see if it is any particular product causing the problem.

There are no good grains except no grains. Bread, all bread is very bad.

Against The Grain

Really Healthy Foods


Q: I met you a few years ago at Camexpo exhibition.. I was the lady with large cysts and no colon.. I have a small intestine, which acts as a reservoir, before evacuation!!

I have ordered some Serrapeptase from your website, in particular the non enteric coated ones., as I had a problem digesting the enteric coated one.

I remember you said to chew it well with grapefruit juice or water on an empty stomach.

My main query is that my brother is a alcoholic and he has stomach problems (ulcers I think).

*Will it be ok for me to give him a bottle of the non enteric coated ones or will the enteric coated ones be more suitable?

*Also my mother has chronic back pain and I was going to give her one of my non enteric coated bottles, is that ok?

*In particular can you explain what the difference is between the two. (enteric and non enteric). and why you have two different types.

Thanking you in anticipation.


A: *Will it be ok for me to give him a bottle of the non enteric coated ones or will the enteric coated ones be more suitable? Enteric coated

*Also my mother has chronic back pain and I was going to give her one of my non enteric coated bottles, is that ok?. Yes it is.

*In particular can you explain what the difference is between the two. (enteric and non enteric). and why you have two different types. Various people requested that we offer non coated and so we did.



Q: Thanks for your reply, and I trust you are getting younger day by day!!! I should add that my brother is going into rehabilitation in the next few weeks, so he is

reducing his drinking, therefore he is a recovering alcoholic!!! Therefore could I give him the non enteric coated ones??? If I did would his ulcers get worse??

I know you say that various people requested that you offered the non enteric coated ones, but medically what is the difference other than protection.. Do they

still do the same job, i.e. break down in small intestine.., is it easier for the body to utilize?? I am learning and am curious to know more, as I like to know why

I am taking a particular product?? My serrapeptase has arrived and I am keen to begin taking and distributing them??


A: Your brother would benefit with Serenity. This is organic lithium and has a calming effect for recovering alcoholics. Consider Relaxwell as well for him. This is good for anyone with anxiety issues. Both of these are on the web site.

Enteric coated is the best as 50% of the non coated is lost in the stomach. The both do the same job.

Has his ulcer been treated? These are cause by a bacteria called H-Pilori and usually is cleared within 2-3 weeks. Especially if the person stops all starchy carbs, take probiotics and just eats vegetables and avocados.

You really need to read the web site and my book The Miracle Enzyme and you will have a much greater idea how good it is. I have just created a new serrapeptase formulation called, SERRANOL. See this on the web site. and at www.SerranolOffers.com


Q: Last week I ordered the Blockbuster AllClear and the SerraPlus+ 80,000IU and am taking both at the same time. My question is, is it safe to take both because I’m having intestinal upset and loose stools. It started with passing a lot of gas, then the loose stools started. I need advice ASAP.

A: This sound like a detox effect. Try 1 BlockBuster x 3 times, 30 mins before eating and let me know how this is.


Q: Starting to have elimination issues and severe bloating and gas. Think it is a result of taking regular doses of serrapeptase. Stools are small and not full and very hard to come by. Started taking stool softeners, fiber cleanse and teas. Noting worked accept magnesium citrate. Bowel disturbances not getting any better.

A: Are you drinking 6-8 x 500ml glasses of water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda?


Q: What should I take to destroy Helicobacter pylori (H pylori). My doctor prescribed antibiotics which I do not want to take. Thank you for your help.


A: 1st Line Immune Kit read attached

See it at www.goodhealthnaturally.com.

Also, please read: http://naturallyhealthynews.co/healthnews/age-antibiotics/



Q: Hi

Confused – have read that serrapeptase can cause discomfort in gastritis/peptic ulcer sufferers and am wondering why if the capsules are enteric-coated? Surely, they won’t dissolve until they have passed into the small intestine?

Also, if I can put up with some discomfort, will the serrapeptase eventually heal the inflammation of gastritis or just make it worse??

In the past, I have found serrapeptase wonderful for clearing my sinusitis, but recently have suffered with gastritis (confirmed by endoscopy) and when trying serrapeptase there was some stomach discomfort. I am trying to work out whether I will do any harm continuing taking the serrapeptase to clear the sinus problem and whether eventually it might help the gastritis providing I can put up with the discomfort – if that makes sense!!!


A: Just to be safe use Gastro and Prescript Assist first to heal the problem first for 30 days. Then Discuss the next stage. See these two at Where To Buy – Click Here

I strongly recommend stopping starchy carbs (grains, cereals, and potatoes) for this 30 days.

See Really Healthy Foods and recipes at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com.



Q: Thanks for your advice. I have used these products in the past, but as the gastritis is occasional it is difficult to know whether they have much effect. I stopped eating starchy carbohydrates a long time ago.

I am interested in the “mechanism” of Serrapeptase and in particular why it should cause stomach discomfort when the enteric coating should prevent it from dissolving until it reaches the small intestine. Also, why should that particular type of inflammation develop discomfort with Serrapeptase while other types of inflammation, i.e. colitis or joint pain for instance, don’t? If you are not able to answer this, I would be most grateful if you could let me know who might???

Thanks for your help – I appreciate your time. Your website is very informative and I often direct people to look at it. I am so disappointed that I am having to avoid Serrapeptase after having used it for many years for sinus problems. It definitely works for sinusitis!!


A: It all depends upon how much the digestive tract is damaged. If it is just inflamed then it will be fine. If it was ulcerated it would cause discomfort.

Simply put, it is always essential that you fix digestive problems as that is always a precursor to health problem.



Q: I seem to have a sugar level problem, adrenal problem, low iron and blood pressure. I can’t eat anything sugary but I have to have enough food in me so I don’t feel faint. There is no real diagnosis apart from blood pressure being on the low side, low iron and poor hormone levels. I had my third baby 8 months ago so feeling a bit stressed out a bit too. I have sore feet from the weight of pregnancy and baby, and had cystitis which is why I recently bought the enzyme. Thanks!


A: Your problems are not uncommon. Having a baby means the child will have taken the best nutrition from your body, leaving you malnourished unless you had supplemented. That is why all mums to be need to take a full spectrum of supplements and a super healthy diet, before conceiving, during pregnancy, and post natal.

Doctors are not trained in proper nutrition and neither are midwives which leaves mums and babies in a bad position. For 60 years we have known that Vitamin D3 supplements were needed for mums and children to prevent bone problems and yet recently mums were being thrown into prison because their babies had broken bones. It has since been found out it was Vit D3 deficiency (They have now released the women and men). It is the doctors and trainers of the midwives that should have gone to jail for bad treatment of the mums and babies. When this was found out a few weeks ago you should at least had a recall to your doctors surgery to apologies for not giving you proper nutritional advice.

It is protein you need to feel full (not carbs) and to help rebuild you. Make a large pan of quinoa that you can keep in the fridge and add a few spoonfuls to any food to give you a protein kick. For breakfast my wife just made: avocado, quinoa, pomegranate and kiwis. Kiwis are full of vitamin C which increases the absorbency of iron.

We have other ideas on our web site: www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com and the attachment.

There is no quick fix for you. You have to rebuild your life plan from what you were doing, to one that will give you and your family the future you desire.

Start by building a new menu for your family food. Email it to me for feedback.

The 3 critical nutrients you needs are:

Active Life  – This delivers a full spectrum of 90 liquid highly absorbable, multivitamins and minerals. Take 15ml x 2 times per day with a little juice or water, with your breakfast and evening meals. 

Nascent Iodine Drops – Take 5 drops x 3 times per day in 20ml of water, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Build over 2 weeks to 15 x 3 until well and then slowly reduce back to 5 x 4. Take 1st dose on waking, 2nd midmorning and 3rd midafternoon. Note that Iodine needs a supplement containing Selenium to activate it, such as ActiveLife, D.I.P. Daily Immune Protection or B4 Health Spray.

Kidney Rescue – Take 2-5 tablets, 5 times per day, 6 days per week. Kidney Rescue cleanses the liver, while providing adrenal support.

See these three at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com


Q: Hi there. thanks for all the info – have read some so far…

The nutrients stated in our previous conversation – can you explain why I need the Iodine and the Kidney Rescue one? Thanks!

A: Hormones and weak kidneys can cause low adrenals and low blood pressure. Iodine and Kidney Rescue will help fix this.


Q: Ok great. How long would I take all this for?


A: Iodine forever unless you eat 3 portions of kelp or kombu seaweed daily to get your iodine dose.

Kidney Rescue is 30-60 days.

ActiveLife forever or something else as good.

See my really healthy food plan at: www.reallyhealthyfoods.com


Q: Hi Robert,

I have the Nascent Iodine and Kidney Rescue now. I’ve been getting palpitations, skipped beats etc. I think due to the stress of kids and running around. Will these help you think and should I be doing exercise?

A: Yes exercise is good for relaxing the body. What sort do you plan to do?

Q: I have an exercise bike in the garden – it’s a ski machine thing – it’s broken so the resistance is very light but it’s good enough to get the heart pumping. I thought of doing about 10 mins a day.

A: The best way is to exercise like mad for 2 mins, recover your heart rate to normal and repeat a total of 6 times. This gives a stronger heart, lungs and better circulation.


Q: Hi Robert

My blood test showed s 12.8 iron level just above the lowest range of 12 – and I did take some iron beforehand – haemoglobin level is just below range so I think i am slightly anemic and also hypoglycaemic. I think these 2 things are causing palpitations. I am taking iodine and kidney rescue – also chromium and iron supplements – things are better but what else should I be taking? I saw that the SerraEnzyme is good for sugar levels – how much should I take?


A: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray. Selenium on its own or better in a multivitamin such as Active Life.


Q: Ok thanks I have some magnesium already. What about the SerraEnzyme, how much of that should I take? And is there a list of ingredients for ActiveLife as I can’t see it?


A: For SerraEnzyme take 1 x 3 times per day.  The list of ingredients are found by clicking the blue link to the right of the bottle picture.


Q: I do have stomach issues, hiatal hernia and acid reflux. I have been taking some medication for about a month. Are any of the tablets better than another for stomach issues?

Please advise.


A: You need:



Stop starchy carbs (your digestive problems are a reaction to grains, cereals and potatoes).

See attached and www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

Really Healthy Foods

Against The Grain



Q: Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am planning to order the Serrapeptase and the digestive formula. Is one of the Serrapeptase formulas better than another for stomach issues? I was thinking of just getting the Serra Enzyme to see how it works for me. However, I am open to suggestions.

P.S. I am 55, overweight, have aches and pains, difficult menstruation in addition to the stomach issues mentioned previously.


A: I would stick with my plan in our previous talk. Trust me on this.

Again reread and follow the attachments.

Really Healthy Foods

Against The Grain


Q: I have leaky gut, severe inflammation in my stomach and a wheat allergy, how much do I need of your product and which product?

A: See these supplements at www.goodhealthnaturally.com Look around their site for specials.


You need:

Gastro Enzyme Therapy.

Probiotic14 for 1-2 months and then change to Serranol http://www.goodhealthusa.com/products/serrapeptase_curcumin_ecklonia_cava_extract_vit_d3/

Active Life http://www.goodhealthusa.com/products/liquid_vitamins_and_minerals/

Follow my anti aging diet for great health for the rest of your life. See attached and www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

How Many Spoonfuls of Sugar Do You Eat?

Really Healthy Foods

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients



Q: Do you recommend taking Serranol after a hip replacement operation? I also have a digestive reflux(GORD). Will the enzyme cause problems with this? I am 72 years old.

A: Not if you take it with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each 500ml glass of water you take the with the Serranol.

If you eat my diet your life will get better and better. See our videos at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

Really Healthy Foods


Q: Dear Robert,

I am on Nexium40 and Nexium 20 because I have reflux problems and am diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, with a grazed stomach lining. I am 69 years old and also have deep vein leakage in both legs (I wear pressure stockings), osteo arthritis in my thumb joints, and high cholesterol (taking Lipertor 20mcg). My son is taking serrapeptase with great results and is prompting me to ask you about it. Do I need to treat the reflux disorder first?


A: You have two things to do first:

1. Take Gastro and Probiotic14 to heal your digestive tract. See these at www.GoodHealthOZ.com

2. Change your diet from tomorrow and for the rest of your life and stop the drugs. High cholesterol never hurt anyone. It is simply a warning that your diet is bad. Lowering it with drugs is not fixing the problem, it is just hiding the problem. See the food plan attached and at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

After a month or so I recommend moving to BlockBuster Allclear and other things but we can discuss this later. First let’s get your life back on track.

Send me your new menu plan in a couple of days so I can give you feedback.


Q: Hi Robert!

Thank you for all the info supplied on this site. I’ve been using the Serretia brand (250,000SU:2 capsules 3x per day) for just 2 days and am excited already by the results (today, my first ever surf free of lower back pain). I contracted a case of gastroenteritis the day prior and still have some ongoing symptoms. Should I fully recover from the gastro first before continuing this dosage? I was planning to drop the dose after 7days to 1 capsule 3x per day, eventually down to 1 per day. Does this sound like a good plan of attack? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

A: Normally serrapeptase will irritate a digestive problem. Are you getting irritation? If so stop until it is healed. What are you using to heal it?


Q: Thank you for your reply Robert, I am only taking Gastrolyte, to rehydrate at the moment. If symptoms persist I was going to see a Doctor to investigate a possible stomach bug. Have stopped taking serrapeptase in the meantime.


A: If you are given antibiotics then you will need:



Both from www.goodhealthnaturally.com


Q: I have stomach problems, how will this affect it?

A: Do not take serrapeptase yet. Follow the plan below from www.GoodHealthusa.com

Gastro Enzyme Therapy


Also follow the food plan at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

Come back to me when your stomach is healthy for the next stage.


Q: https://serrapeptase.info/ I just sent back my Serrapeptase from Doctor’s Best as it does not survive the stomach acid barrier. Does your brand survive the acid barrier and is it absorbed into the small intestines?

A: Yes it does.


Q: A scan has shown that I have a ‘mass’ in my stomach approx 5cm by 5xm, no pain, a bit of tenderness, and I have high levels of stomach bacteria – the doctor has put me on a week’s course of Nexium Hp7 to clear the bacteria and I need to go back to the doctors in six weeks after tests have been carried out.

Can you suggest any other alternative methods that I can employ to tackle this situation.

Appreciate any comments or feedback.


A: The simple term ‘mass of bacteria’ is a silly unscientific term that shows the ignorance of the medical system. Our body contains a huge mass of essential bacteria which we would die without it. What your doctor is really referring to is a mass of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria. The cause of this is many and varied but the two most common are lack of friendly bacteria (aka probiotics) in the diet and/or a diet with lots of high sugar foods (grains, cereals, high sugar fruits, milk products etc). The solution is the same whether before taking the Nexium anti biotics or after taking them is to take a high dose of Prescript Assist (see it and studies at www.Probiotic29.com).

See also the attached Really Healthy Foods pdf for food ideas.


Q: Took serrapeptase non-stop for a year. Have an acid reflux condition and mild psoriasis. Together with this, I have been taking Ayurveda treatment for the last three years and I’m much, much better now. Took a break from serrapeptase for the last six months (Felt I was overdoing it with the supplements).

However, I would like to restart consumption. Still have some stock left over…How much of a gap should there be between consuming food or any other medicine and serrapeptase and is it okay to take other stuff too?

Look forward to your response.


A: Arti, Your recovery plan:


Prescript Assist (www.Probiotic29.com)

Stopping starchy carbs and following plan attached.

Follow the Food Health Plan here and check: www.reallyhealthyfoods.com for recipe ideas.


Q: Many, many thanks for your extensive and very valuable suggestions 🙂

Would be grateful if you could also respond to my query regarding consumption of serrapeptase.


A: I thought you wanted to know how to fix your acid reflux and psoriasis. These are simple things and should take no more than 30-45 minutes with the plan I sent.

I cannot simply answer questions on serrapeptase. I give advice but need more information about your health issues and what you want to achieve before I can say if you should be taking it and how much.


Q: I have moderate to severe Ulcerative Colitis that I have been battling with for some time now. My doctor and I have discovered over a series of events in the past 24 months, that I seem to have an acute sensitivity to anti-inflammatory drugs which have only made my condition worse. I tried desperately to avoid the dreaded drug Prednisone but had to begin taking it 6 weeks ago as nothing else was helping me, the drug Voltaren (eye drops used for surgery) actually clued us in to my potential problem. In fact drugs such as Asecol and Salofalk (especially in the pill form) actually made my condition worse which further indicates my sensitivity to anti-inflammatory drugs. Do you think Serrapeptase would pose the same issues for someone like me, or due to it’s natural properties do you think this natural enzyme would help?

I am very reluctant to try anymore drugs out on the market, but face a trial with Imuran if I don’t find an alternative. I understand you can only speak in general terms and wouldn’t expect you to be accountable for any reactions I may have, I just want your professional opinion as it relates to my circumstances.

A: The plan is in this link below: Digestive Health Recovery Plan


Q: Hi, I have reflux that I take apple cider vinegar and sometimes raw honey for. When I take the serrapeptase as suggested, my reflux acts up so I read when you give it to dogs you put some honey on the pill, so I’ve been using a little honey after I take the caps if needed so I’m not in pain. Does that take away from the serrapeptase?

A: Reflux is normally caused by eating starchy carbs. Are you eating them?

Q: I want to take you up on your offer to share a plan for taking serrapeptase when one is experiencing pain as a side effect of the supplement. Here is the statement I am referring to on this website:

Digestive system: Taking proteases with a poor digestive system may cause discomfort or pain in certain individuals. Ingesting with a half teaspoon of water may help to alleviate this. If you do experience continued pain then email me personally, and I will send you a plan for your recovery before you continue with the use of serrapeptase.

I started serrapeptase to for pain management, scar reduction after ankle surgery, possible reduction in myofascial restrictions related to the surgery, and vascular healing. Although I don’t currently have known vascular disease, I am 65 and have a genetic condition that causes extremely high LDL/cholesterol, and I also have inflammation markers in blood. I had high hopes but after just a few days I had a definitive generalized increase in pain throughout my body, possibly in muscles, joints, connective tissue, but not sure. After discontinuing the serrapeptase, the pain went away. I was taking 40,000 units of enteric coated Doctor’s Best serrapeptase.

Since you mention the digestive system in conjunction with pain associated with serrapeptase, it may be significant that I have a sensitive digestive system, being gluten intolerant, also having intermittent IBS, GERD, slight esophageal scarring and past history of candida.

I would appreciate any suggestions for how to resume the product without inducing pain. I am also curious what the mechanism would be for causing this pain reaction.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


A: I only saw this email after I replied to your later email.

This discomfort comes as the existing damage in the digestive tract is irritated by protease’s trying to heal that damage.

I recommend two things:




Q: Do you have a solution for bile in the stomach? I tried SUCRALFATE (CARAFATE) without results.


A: It is caused by weakness or malfunction of the pyloric valve between the stomach and small intestine. This is often as a result of surgery, but may be caused by an ulcer interfering with its function. Bile is produced in response to fat in the diet, so I would recommend the following supplements from GoodHealth:

Gastro for say 2 months and then Essential Digestive.

GlycoBoost – Take 2 teaspoons x 2 times per day in water

A low fat intake and do not take Curcumin until it is resolved, as this increases bile flow.

Serra Enzyme may be appropriate to remove scar tissue and inflammation if it is the result of surgery, particularly gall bladder removal.

Sodium Bicarbonate in drinking water may help to reduce symptoms.

See food recommendations in attached.

Really Healthy Foods



Q: Is it ok to take serrapeptase if you suffer from gastritis?

A: Sue,

No as it may irritate it. To cure the gastritis see the plan below and then take serrapeptase but tell me what for and I can advise what to take.

Digestive Health Recovery Plan



Q: Dear Robert,

Sorry to be a bore again but I had another question about the SerraEnzyme. When I was taking the SerraEnzyme with MSM and trace minerals, it was amazing and not only has my anal scar tissue healed but I think it might have had an effect on my gut too. I have stopped the SerraEnzyme now, but had some reiki healing on both the anus and my gut. She could feel something which needed healing in my descending colon/large intestine. I am just wondering whether SerraEnzyme works on for example neutralizing stomach acidity or calming digestive organs as I have never found anything as amazing as the SerraEnzyme with MSM. I do however, take Rich’s MSM (2000) on its own which I don’t think has same effect as MSM with SerraEnzyme.


A: Yes it does work and stopping eating starchy carbs will help as well.

Also consider:



Digestive enzymes.



Q: Hi Robert,

I have just spoken to one of the ladies in the office who recommended I email you as you are the guru in knowledge of Serrapeptase. I have the product “Blockbuster All Clear”, I am wondering if this product is useful in the elimination of a parasite or bug of some description. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

A: No it is not. You need to know which type of infection you have and I can then help.



Q: Hello,

I would need to know is it ok to open the 40,000 IU capsules of serrapeptase, how much will this affect the product? There is something wrong with my intestinal tract so I am not sure will the capsules dissolve. How long generally will it take before the Serrapeptase’s pain killing effect will take place? I have Psoriatic arthritis and muscular pain due to it.

A: It is OK to open the capsules but it must be 30-minutes before food with water. Take 3 x 3 for the fastest results. Add Curcuminx4000 2 capsules x 2 times a day to improve your chances of a good result.


Q: Dear Robert,

A friend gave me your book, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase to read as she is having great success with the serrapeptase for her son with EBV.

I have been diagnosed with severe gastritis/stomach/duodenal ulcer. I took Nexium for 6 months and am now searching for a natural healing modality. I have been using barley grass powder, goat’s milk yogurt, a natural antacid product, and whatever else I think might work.

I read the book last night and saw on Page 82 that someone asked the question about using serrapeptase for a stomach ulcer and gallstones. The reply was that “it would not be appropriate for these conditions, and may cause discomfort. You need to use a special formula to heal the ulcer first before you deal with the gallstone. If you want a plan, please contact me.” So I called the USA 800 number this afternoon and they gave me your e-mail address. So, I am asking you about “the special formula to heal the ulcer first” that was mentioned in your reply to the patient in the book.

Further down on the page I read that serrapeptase is a very strong protease. I do know from my work with a chiropractor that protease is NOT good for ulcer patients. I am glad I read this page before ordering the product!!! Could you please give me a brief answer to what the “special formula” is and where do I purchase it? Thank you very much.


A: Gastro and it is at www.goodhealthnaturally.com

Use SerraEzyme and Curcuminx4000 and Probiotic14 after all discomfort has cleared for the final part of healing.



Q: I have had to go gluten free for the last 2 months as I used get to get very bad heartburn/acidity, waking up 5 times a night and sometimes throwing up.

Decided to go gluten free and my symptoms disappeared although if I have gluten by accident now, I throw up after going to bed.

Is this due to pesticides/preservatives/use of genetically modified food?

I was diagnosed with IBS in 1999, I could not eat rice then without gas, but since going gluten free, I eat rice regularly without problems since I cannot eat bread or chappatis anymore.

Is there any thing to reverse gluten allergy ?



A: Gluten is bad for everyone and is a big causes of all diseases.

Against The Grain



Q: Hi Robert,

Could you tell me whether Serrapeptase can be taken by a client of mine with an ulcerated oesophagus and old scar tissue from years of acid reflux. It’s the scar tissue that’s holding the sphincter open allowing some reflux, hence the ulceration. We can work on acidifying the stomach properly once we have control over the reflux. I have got her on some things to firefight the reflux and heal the internal skin but need to work on the scar tissue. Normally enzymes are contra-indicated with gastritis and ulceration. What are your thoughts on the use of Serrapeptase in this case?


A: It is only protease enzymes that can cause a problem but that is what serrapeptase is. She can try it as capsules as well as opening some and mixing with a little water and swallowing slowly. If the discomfort is too great, even at the lowest doses then she can simply stop. Gastro Formula is my next suggestion.

The digestive tract only uses acid for flesh proteins and normally produces bicarbonate of soda to digest vegetables. I would suggest no meat nor starchy carb products until completely healed. I only eat avocados, salads, vegetables, sprouted breads and a little fish for my super health. I keep my body alkaline with a pinch of bicarbonate in my 6 glasses of water.



Q: Thanks for the information.

The hospital has prescribed taking I Nexium tablets 20mg twice daily for two months for the ulcer treatment. I am concerned that if I start taking the Serrapeptase again it will bring back or cause more ulcers to develop, is this possible. How does Serrapeptase cause discomfort?


A: The correct treatment for ulcer is antibiotics if you go the drug route or Gum Mastik and L-Glutamine if you go the nutritional route.

As there is inflamed dead tissue around the ulcer, the serrapeptase will try to clear it and may cause discomfort.



Q: Hi,

1. I am keen to restart Serrapeptase as soon as possible.

2. As stated I take Aspirin daily for a stroke I had 16 years ago.

3. I understand that Serrapeptase dissolves mucus etc from the body but I am wondering if it will remove the mucus barrier that lines/protects the stomach and duodenum which will allow the Aspirin to have a detrimental effect and therefore cause further ulcers to develop.

4. I want to feel confident that Serrapeptase will not cause any problems with my stomach/duodenum which appears to be a weak area.

5. I had a CLO test for bacteria and the results from my Gastrocopy show no infection.


A: 1. You can try it anytime and just stop if it causes discomfort. The problem is knowing when the ulcers are healed sufficiently.

2. I am presuming you have now stopped? It is harming you and new studies show it has very little effect.

3. No, but you need to stop the aspirin.

4. It is only weak because you have been taking aspirin and the silly doctors are too stupid to tell you to stop.

5. Have you changed your diet to something like my recommendations? www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com



Q: All of a sudden, I remembered that I already know you but you do not know me, yet . . . Sorry for that, shame on me . . . enclosed is me 4 weeks ago in the lake Lucerne.


Friday late afternoon we went to a street Christmas market and I ate something that started to make me itch all over so bad that we had to come home sooner than planned. My body was all red and I had the strong will to scratch myself with my nails all over. I took a quick cold shower, did not clean with the towel… I just let my skin dry naturally, I took 5 serrapeptase 80’000 tablets, and 5 chlorella tablets together in one go with 2 big glasses of water (water for me is oxygen) . . . I do not know what did it but half an hour later my skin began to return to its normal color and the itching sensation was completely gone. You know better than me about this kind of allergic reactions to food or drinks . . .This was my experience, which hopefully is useful for your “experience warehousing”.

A: A good combination is to stop inflammation and detox fast.


Q: I have found Curcuminx4000 and Probiotics14 on your website but the digestive enzymes have “done my nut in” a bit as there seem to be rather a lot of them. I have a problem when eating dairy, citrus fruits, vinegar and mustard (i.e. acid type foods). What digestive enzyme could you recommend for this?

A: They are called Digestive150, just do a search in the search box at the top.


Q: That stuff for the dogs is it different than what we take or the same stuff. Curcumin makes my stomach hurt and if it makes the dogs hurt I will be in the same boat as she can’t tell me either like my Mom.

A: Same stuff. It doesn’t hurt everyone. I have taken for many years.


Q: Can serrapeptase help with internal haemorrhoids and bleeding?

A: No. This type of condition is caused by eating unnatural foods such as grains and cereals, high sugar foods and fruits and processed industrialized foods. Lack of walking (3 miles per day minimum). Low water intake is usually a factor. High stress can also be a factor and please let me know if this is the case.

My recommendation is eating a really healthy food diet as attached and at www.reallyhealthyfoods.com, walking everyday, drinking the water as in the plan and taking the following supplements:

Serranol 2 x 3 times per day

Prescript Assist Probiotics as per bottle

Essentials Digestive Enzymes as per bottle

See them at www.goodhealthnaturally.com