“My digestive health has improved dramatically since following your advice. I take Gastro Enzyme capsules three times a day, along with Prescript Assist and Curcuminx4000. My symptoms of fatigue have improved, my digestion feels much stronger and my inflamed bowels are beginning to heal. Thank you so much!”

– Margaret, East Yorkshire



“I’m feeling myself again after suffering for years with poor digestive health. I am eating the healthy diet plan you suggested and I’m now taking Gastro Enzyme to find relief. I will keep you informed of my progress but so far, so good.”

– Emily, Glasgow




“I’ve had the BlockBuster in my clinic many times. The feedback I’ve received from one client is that it’s the best product she’s ever had for gas and bloatedness. She had 1 tablet, then 2. When she was really bad she had 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Now she is fine, she just takes it for maintenance.”

– Veronica Hughes, UK

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