Q: Hi Robert,

My daughter has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel syndrome. She is 18yrs . Diarrhoea three- four times. Occasional stomach pain.

Please suggest plan and from where to purchase. I am in Auckland New Zealand.


A: This normally clears in 2 days and will keep it clear with one caps every 1-2 days.

Prescript Assist 3 x 2 times per day for 2 days and then drop to 1 per day.

I also suggest SerraEnzyme 80,000iu if it is a really bad problem.



Q: Hi there,

I am really interested in taking the serrapeptase enzyme for my IBS but I would like to ask the following questions. I am allergic to yeast & dairy produce.

1. Does the supplement contain yeast or any other culture as I understand that the product is made using a fermentation process?

2. Does it contain any dairy or lactose?

3. What would the initial side effects be for someone with a delicate stomach & bowels and how long would they last?

Thanks in advance.


A: No Yeast. No Dairy. No side effects that cannot be fixed by lowering the initial high dose (if needed).



Q: Robert,

Thanks for email.

Does the fermenting process contain any spores or cultures of any type that are carried over to the final product?

A: Absolutely none. It stops my daughter’s IBS in about 2 hrs (which she rarely gets now).



Q: Thanks.

Can I take it half an hour before eating or an hour after eating?

A: Before. Please get back to me anytime you need help.



Q: So would you recommend the Serranol product over all the others for my main problem which is digestive issues and IBS (which I tend to be more constipated with)?

I am already on probiotics, different herbs and aloe juice.

A: Yes I have changed over to it myself for similar problems.



Q: Hello,

I am interested to learn whether serrapeptase would help to relieve my problem of IBS. This complaint does not seem to be specifically mentioned in the internet literature I have read. Your opinion please.

A: It stops my daughter’s attack in about 1-2hrs. Relaxing prevents it coming on. She uses the 80,000iu caps.



Q: I recently learned about Serrapeptase through your articles. I am suffering with IBD, most likely colitis or proctitis. Blood tests indicate no Celiac or Crohns disease. I decided to try Serrapeptase and have been taking 2- 20,000 IU capsules three times per day on an empty stomach. Tomorrow will be one week. I don’t see any effects yet. I would appreciate your recommendations for treating this type of problem.

A: This will work fast and completely:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Health Plan


Q: Hi,

I have been taking two tablets daily for IBS. However I also have bad back and hip pain which comes on every three months or so. Since I have been taking the serrapeptase my pain has increased to unbearable levels can you advise?


A: All of your problems sound as though they are linked to food problems. The cycle of three months is typical of this. The Serrapeptase cannot be causing the increase in pain but if it is trying to clear the inflamed tissue it can a healing crisis that you are experiencing that is causing the pain. What is your feeling about stopping the foods that are probably the root cause of your problems? These are in my book but I can email them to you if you do not have it.



Q: Hi Robert,

Thank you for that. I would be happy to stop the foods causing the problem if I knew which they were? Any ideas? I do not have a copy of your book.


A: STOP all starchy carbs (needs, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products.

Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw

Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries etc).

Wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only grass fed)

Drink 8 glasses of filtered or distilled water per day.

Exercise every hour by lying on back and cycling legs in the air. Start with 10 seconds and build up to a minute.



Q: Hi,

I am interested in the “Blockbuster All Clear” product but have had difficulties ingesting Natto products in the past. Every time I take natto I experience either irritable bowel or inflamed hemmoroidal tissue. Please advise.

A: It is impossible to guess your suitability for BlockBuster. It does contains nattokinase but it also has many other anti inflammatory ingredients.


Q: Can serrapeptase stimulate the bowels and if so, how?

Since starting serrapeptase I will usually have a BM about 30 minutes later. Seems to get things going (not necessarily bad thing, just wanna know why)


A: Yes some people report this and as you say it is no bad thing for most people. It happens so quickly I think it must be the coating. If it ever became a problem choose one of the NON enteric coated capsules: The Miracle Enzyme range.