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Endometriosis Testimonials



‘ I no longer have Endometriosis.’

““Hi there, a couple of years ago I took your product serrapeptase for endometriosis and with the help of this and other things I no longer have it. Thanks.”

Julie K.



“My daughter has also suffered from both Endometriosis and abdominal adhesions – the latter due to 1 x appendectomy and 2 x Laparoscopies. She also suffered extreme anaphalaxis and relied on Epi-pens. The adhesions were so bad they were wrapped around her small bowel causing her agony. We had her on Serrapeptase every day for about 6 months. Over the 6 month period, she “passed” a jelly-like substance from both her front and back passages. Finally, near the end of her treatment, the external scar-tissue softened and came away from her incisions, although they had been healed for a long time. All conditions were gone by the end of 6 months and my daughter now has a healthy 12-month old baby boy. Her Epipens now lay unused and expired; she is totally pain free and healthy. To see this transformation first hand can only be described as a miracle.”

Larry L., Australia.



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Congrats Julie K, how did u use the serrapeptase and what other supplement did u use pls. I have endo in the uterus


Hi Bona,
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