Cervical Dystonia Testimonials


“Since taking the serrapeptase you recommended, I feel like I have a renewed sense of energy. The pain which was excruciating around my neck and shoulders is now much better and I feel like I can go about my day again. Thank you!!”

Janine, Surrey


“The serrapeptase has truly been a life saver! I feel so much better and can now move my neck and shoulders freely without twinges of pain. I feel like I will be able to drive again soon, the health difference is really that amazing!”

– Kate, Birmingham

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Cam Llbrand

My pain has subsided tremendously with each passing day it gets less and less. I am able to do more of my physical therapy exercises. I have more movement in my neck. Question: After I do the 4 to 6 week protocol, how much should I take per day for lets say the next 6 months or so? I am currently taking 160,000iu 3 times a day with the magnesium cream on my muscles. I was just wondering if maybe I could take one of the 240,000 iu at that point?


Hi Cam,
You can reduce the serrapeptase dose as you find your symptoms improve. So reduce gradually and find a maintenance dose that still works well for you.
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