Q: I’ve had muscle knots on one shoulder since I was a teenager. I’m now 27 and I’ve also had cervical dystonia and muscle spasms with rapid jerks and twitching. I have undergone physical therapy, steroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, nutritional supplements, and prescription pain medication. I also do ice packs, heating pads and topical analgesics and I’ve been going to the chiropractor, all with only temporary relief. I heard about serrapeptase and was wondering if it can be of any help. Any suggestions?

Gem B., United Kingdom

A: Start with 2 x 80,000IU Serrapeptase, 3 times per day, 30 minutes before a meal and then gradually reduce to 1 twice a day as you get better.


Q: What can Serrapeptase do to help relieve my pain?

Gem B., United Kingdom

A: Serrapeptase helps by clearing out all of the inflammation and dead tissue. By alleviating the inflammation, swelling and clearing away this problem tissue, it relieves the symptoms and allows the body’s healing system to rapidly repair the problem.

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