”I have been better and stronger.”

“Took a bone density test and my bones were found to be degrading too rapidly. I was at-risk for Osteoporosis. I didn’t exercise much nor took care of my diet. With a change in perspective, I tried Serrapeptase and altered my diet and lifestyle. I have been better and stronger since.”

Angel C., Canada


‘Bone density scan came back with “good” levels”

“I’ve been taking Serrapeptase 3 x 3 daily for nearly two weeks now and I’m sure that most of the swelling from the arthritis has gone!!! I also started on Magnesium Oil Saturday afternoon – I use the spray 2-3 times a day.

I have an appointment with a Physiotherapist this evening and hopefully she will be able to give me some exercises to try and sort out the knee cap tracking. I’ve managed to get a copy of my recent knee x-ray report. It states:

“Small joint effusion. There are mild degenerative changes within the patellofemoral joint and later compartment with slight loss of joint space. Preservation of the medial compartment. The bones appear mildly osteopenic. No further significant finding.”

Last year (or early this year) I had a bone density scan and it came back with “good” levels, so the mention of ‘mildly osteopenic’ threw me a bit!

I’m hoping the Serrapeptase and Magnesium oil will make a much more significant difference.

Thank you SO much for taking the time.”

– Susie H., United Kingdom