Q: How can Serrapeptase help with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia?

A: Serrapeptase helps immensely as it reduces the chronic inflammation in the bloodstream. By clearing away this problem tissue, it enables the body’s own healing system to replace it with healthy tissue.


Q: How many do I take?

A: Start with 2 x 80,000IU Serrapeptase with MSM and trace minerals, 3 times per day, 30 minutes before a meal and then gradually reduce to 1 twice a day as you get relief.


Q: My husband has been recommended to take this enzyme. He dropped something on his big toe a few years ago and it is now giving him a lot of arthritic problems to the extent he finds it difficult to walk far. Please could you advise which formula is the best and how much? He is 60.

Also, I am 56 and fairly healthy! I have osteopenia and take an osteo-food formula to help with my bones. I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to start taking this enzyme for my bones and also to be proactive generally with my health. Again, which formula and how much?

Obviously it would be helpful if we could take the same one!

Thank you for your help. -Angie S.

A: Angie,
Get these at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com

Your husband:
SerraPlus+ 80,000iu 1 tablet x 3 times per day 30mins before eating with water
Emu Oil apply to the toe 2 times daily.

Vit D3 1 x 5000iu caps x 2 times per day.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil spray on soft tissue and massage in daily

Both of you:
Drink 6 glasses of water per day with a 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.
Active Life 90 liquid vitamins & Minerals take – 15ml x 2 times per day