Q: Hello! My name is Dakota just had a few questions on serrapeptase.

I have had a lower back injury that i have been battling for about a year and half..it still hurts quite a bit. Do you think there was some scar tissue that has built up around that area and is what is still causing my further discomfort and inflammation?

I heard about serrapeptase and thought i should give it a try. I have been taking it pretty religiously for about a week now. But i was wondering how long do you think till i can see some pretty good results from it? i know you dont know me that well or how long my condition has been this way. but in your experience when do people who have been suffering from chronic pain usually start seeing positive results?

Thank you! -Dakota R., United States

A: Dakota,

It is too soon to expect results yet.

What strength serrapeptase are you taking and how many?


Q: The brand is called serragold. By enzymedica. It’s listed at One capsule is equal to 100,000 SU. After reading your website I should be looking for serrapeptase thats measured in IU? Does this make a huge difference? I am currently taking around fifteen total a day. All on empty stomach. -Dakota R., United States

A: Dakota, Drop to 2 x 3 times per day for a month or so. Come back to me then if it has not cleared.


Q: Serrapeptase really works for back pain but I have Ibs and it seems to constapate me. I want to continue using it because my back is very bad but cannot go. I have tried stuff to go but I only go a little. HELP! -Vicky H., United States

A: Drink 32oz of warm water on waking with your serrapeptase. Wait 30mins before breakfast.

Drink 16oz x 2 of warm water times over the morning with a pinch if bicarbonate of soda in each glass

Drink 16oz x 1 of warm water times an hour after dinner with a pinch if bicarbonate of soda in each glass.


Q: Hi Robert,

I have had low back pain/sciatica for almost 10 months now and am desperately seeking some relief. The pain sometimes goes right down to my foot and occasionally I have numbness and tinkling in my feet right as well. My toe occasionally even appears to look a bit swollen. A friend of mine in Ireland sent me a bottle of Serranol to try and I’ve been taking it now for 3 days. Would you recommend the Serranol or the SerraEnzyme and what dosages wold you suggest? -Veronica K.

A: Take 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal and yes I do recommend Serranol. This is a difficult condition and have you had any acupucture for it? If not go tomorrow.


Q: Can I add serapeptase instead of the curcumin. Also I hurt my back doing some shoveling and it is my upper back in between my shoulders do you thing serrapeptase will help me with this. -Martin H.

A: Yes, serrapeptase is good on its own (and good for pulled muscles).


Q: Dear Robert,

I wonder if it would be possible to give me some advice on the corrrect dosage for taking Serrapeptase.

I have purchased 60 x 40,000IU and have some lower back pain. I have a couple of inflamed facet joints which give me pain and stiffness in my lower back and into my hip. At the moment, it is not chronic pain but it is there all the time. I have in the past, had the pain a lot worse than it is currently, but am trying to prevent it from returning at the chronic level I have had before.

What dosage or strength would you recommend I take for this? I would be grateful for your advice.

Many thanks! -Lorraine D.

A: Lorraine,

It is an expensive way to purchase it as I normally recommend SerraEnzyme 90 caps x 80,000iu which works out over 50% cheaper.
You can use these 40K caps up and try 2 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating with water.
The ultimate if it is not cleared is HealthPoint See www.DoveHealth.com