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Lower back pain affects about 60-80% of the population at some point in their life. Back pain itself  costs the National Health Service in the UK around £500 million each year.

Anyone suffering with chronic back pain will know that painkillers are usually the go-to solution to provide pain relief.  However, it is well noted that there are safety concerns regarding the use of paracetamol and other such painkillers. The risk of heart attacks, impaired kidney function and issues with the digestive system have all been associated with their use.

Experts warn that back pain is fast becoming a ‘sedentary epidemic’ within the UK. This is due to the long hours we have in the workplace. When this is combined with a lack of exercise from sitting down too long each day, it can cause health problems.

About eighty-two per cent of people spend six or more hours each day sitting in front of a computer screen. This is what can lead to various back and postural problems.

All kinds of recommendations are suggested for improving the symptoms of back pain. This includes walking daily and sitting up properly at your desk. In addition, choosing to drink water instead of tea or coffee can also help to provide relief for the condition.

Massage techniques can help alleviate back pain. Therefore, this can be a very therapeutic relief. It does this by relieving discomfort and increasing the blood flow. It also provides the sore muscles with space to take in the nutrition they need.

There are specific nutrients that can support pain relief, especially from back problems. Magnesium is one essential mineral that many of us are missing from our daily health regime. When included into our lifestyle, it can reduce any feelings of pain within the body, especially in the nerves. In addition, it can also prevent the activation of nerve cell receptors that can regulate pain.

The Serra Enzyme helps to provide effective pain relief. It dissolves and digests inflammation within the body. This can make it easier for the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms to take effect. The joints may benefit from taking Collagen, the main structural protein in various connective tissues. Collagen helps with restructuring cartilage should any degeneration is taking place.

Along with these nutrients, taking Hemp Seed Oil or Krill Oil can help to support the healing process. It helps in boosting the immune system and supporting a positive mental state. In addition, acupressure techniques also help reduce pain and stimulate the body’s trigger points. They also activate the body’s healing system. These are highly effective ways of treating a wide range of joint related problems.

Recommended Examples

Serra Enzyme 80,000IU is the Serrapeptase product from Good Health Naturally. It is a proteolytic enzyme that dissolves inflammation and non-living tissue to form that can otherwise cause painful symptoms to appear in the body and is one of the side effects of disease.







Joint & Skin Matrix™ available from Good Health Naturally, this formula is made with Biocell Collagen. This can support the effectiveness and safety in promoting joint health and skin beauty.






Hemp Seed Oil from Good Health Naturally is the essential fatty oils formula that can support cell growth, organ function and a positive mental state.







Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Ultra with OptiMSM is Magnesium formula that Good Health Naturally recommends. It contains  Methylsulfonylmethane (OptiMSM® from Bergstrom), Purified Water and Genuine Zechstein™ Magnesium Chloride. The OptiMSM can enhance cell membrane permeability and ease inflammation in pain management, while improving joint mobility.





HealthPoint™ is an electro-acupressure device available from Good Health Naturally that can help you to pinpoint the targeted areas of pain and to stimulate those points effectively so as to find relief for a wide range of painful health conditions – everything from back pain, to fibromyalgia to eye health conditions, etc. This device enables you to become a ‘Master of Acupressure’ and bring the power into your own hands.


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