glaucoma symptoms and treatment

Reduced eye pressure and healthier eyes after being diagnosed with glaucoma

“Three years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma. After reading your website about how Serrapeptase works I intuitively theorized that it will help my glaucoma by dissolving the debris in my eyes’ sewage system over time. I stopped taking the medication from the hospital and focused on SerraEnzyme, Serranol and Blockbuster Allclear (mixing and interchanging them) up to 12 capsules daily…

I also improved my diet to emphasized vegetables and good oil (coconut and palm oils). Two weeks ago I had my latest test and the pressure in the eyes were 17 and 18. Unknown to the doctor I have not taken any of his prescriptions for over two years now. I strongly believe the Serrapeptase plays a role in improving the eyes waste disposal system and I know that my eyes are certainly healthier than they were three years ago.”

– Chris


glaucoma symptoms and treatment

In two months I could run across city streets for a bus and not feel winded

“Mr. Redfern, I took 30,000IU of Serrapeptase five years ago and it saved my life. I was suffering with stress from Graves Disease and Glaucoma, hardening of the arteries, and more. In two months I could run across city streets for a bus and not feel winded. My back was loose, my blood pressure down. I injured my left shoulder doing serious lifting which would have killed me earlier.

Since then, I have only used 60 and 90 thousand units from other brands that don’t seem to work. I suspect that some of these are adulterated or just inert powders. What’s wrong in the health industry? Serrapeptase is the greatest health product in the world. Thanks so much.”

– Tony P., CANADA