‘Thank you for your Serrapeptase’

“Dear Robert, Thank you for your Serrappeptase. It’s the best route to take in helping the prevention of Pleurisy and Bronchiectasis. I have just ordered the SerraEzyme 80,0000 as you advised in your email. Thank you for the time and help you have already afforded to me and I shall most certainly heed the advice you have already given me. With many thanks again.”

Sue W.



‘He quickly began to improve and clear his lungs’

“I work as a pharmacist and I use serrapeptase myself. I know of a man in his thirties who was suffering from a severe lung condition – bronchiectasis, which made it difficult to clear mucus.

He was prescribed antibiotics for 12 months, but his condition deteriorated to such a degree that he could not travel to work and could only work part time at home.

I suggested he try serrapeptase, so he asked his consultant, who ridiculed it and said his lungs were permanently damaged and he would have to learn to live with it; a daunting prospect at his age!

He decided to try it and took 4 SerraEnzyme – 80,000i.u. per day. He quickly began to improve and clear his lungs. After 2 weeks he felt so much better that he returned to his full time work.”

Sheila B.



‘She has never felt so well’

“My sister aged 62 has lived in the Middle East for many years and has suffered from bronchiectasis and emphysema for a long time.

This is not helped by the air conditioning that runs all the time. At Christmas she caught pneumonia and was in hospital. When she recovered from that, someone suggested she take Blockbuster (the Serrapeptase/Nattokinase/Pycnogenol formula). She said ‘Oh, go on then, I might as well’.

She has taken them ever since. She has a lot less rubbish on her chest, so does not cough as much.

She says she has never felt so well.”