“I think Serrapeptase is the most wonderful thing. I started taking it and couldn’t believe it. I’ve been suffering with a hiatus hernia. I’ve had endoscopies and it’s very inflamed. I gave the SerraEnzyme and started using it regularly. There are no side effects unlike the prescribed medication. I was taking 2 x 20mg of Nexium daily, but I’ve since cut down from 40 to 20 with no ill effects. All the problems I’ve had – fainting, sickness, etc have stopped. I’m 83 and I think that the serrapeptase is the most wonderful thing. I’ve since been able to go out to parties and enjoy myself.”

– Peggy Broadhead, UK




‘My surgeon was flabbergasted at my quick recovery’

“First of all I would like to thank you for your excellent product. I used it last year as part of my recovery plan from surgery for a spinal lymphoma and my surgeon was flabbergasted (literally) at my quick recovery. I have also recommended it to my 76 year old father who tells me that it has transformed the pain in his arthritic knees.”



‘Recommends it with a missionary zeal’

“Like many serrapeptase users Joanna recommends it with a missionary zeal. When her mother in law had an operation for melanoma on her leg the wound refused to heal. She began on serrapeptase and it ‘immediately started to heal beautifully.”

-Joanna Fenwick-Smith



‘Anti-inflammatory and a dissolver of non-vital matter in the body’

“We had a very good response for my father when he had post operative haemorrhaging. There was really extensive bruising from his groin to his foot so I put him on Serrapeptase. The results were amazing. It was clear within about a day. It seems to work well as an anti-inflammatory and a dissolver of non-vital matter in the body such as the dead blood that was creating such bruising in my father’s leg.

We’ve also had good results with problems like sports injuries sprains that kind of thing.”, A dear friend who is a qualified Pilates and training instructor suffers from arthritis in her toes. At one time she continued to run ‘through the pain’ until she was forced to stop. Some tubs of Serrapeptase later she just keeps on running.”

-Mrs. Cole



‘Scars have reduced by about 50% literally overnight’

“Hi Robert,

I just wanted to tell you about some of the effects of the Serrapeptase so far.

I’ve been taking it for only a week.

I think, after 1 day, one of the smallest scars I have reduced by about 50%. That was literally overnight.

The others are, I think, being effected and I can see the results, but they are much more raised and thicker. I wish I knew how long it will take for them to flatten, I have faith that they will. I’m using the Rose oil and the Penzin on them as well.

Additionally, I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulders that has dramatically reduced in this past week. My whole body feels different, actually. The joints are more loose, there is clearly less inflammation. I can sleep with my neck turned to the side and not wake up with it essentially stuck in that position! I can stretch without feeling crunchy, there seems to be more lubrication in the joints and muscles.

Really quite impressive.

I’m spreading the news about this product to everyone.





‘ I postponed the surgery and am I ever glad I did’

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am having very good results with the SerraEnzyme. I am the one with the cyst on my wrist and the problem with the scar tissue around the breast implant. I postponed the surgery and am I ever glad I did. I am getting movement in the breast whereas before I could not, so I know it is helping. I want to thank you for calling me to ask about the progress! That is definitely a first for me. I am the woman from Michigan whose boyfriend is a broker in real estate. I am telling everybody I can about these products! THANK YOU!”




‘Swelling went down after 24 hours ‘

“My husband whacked his thumb with a lump hammer. He increased his dosage of Serrapeptase and then we put arnica cream on it. The results were that the swelling went down after 24 hours and the bruising was bright purple over most of his hand on Friday morning and was hardly nothing from Friday afternoon onwards. The pain was minimal and the movement is now much freer. Amazing!!
Kind regards from a very happy household, Little Voices School.”