Emphysema Testimonials


‘I woke up in bed and realized I could actually breathe’

“In January I lost my oldest brother to cancer. My other brother was upset that he couldn’t help him so this became my mission. For several years, I have had asthma and emphysema, along with chronic fatigue and fibromyalga as well as nerve damage in the top part of my right leg for 27 years.

My brother sent me the book about the SerraEnzyme plus 4 bottles. I started taking it 4 capsules, three times a day of the 40,000 IU.

My first experience: Two weeks later I was out with my husband when all of a sudden I started holding onto my husband. It was like huge electrodes going off in my my leg, I was holding on to him because the pain was so intense and I was scared. My husband wanted to call the emergency crew. The pain lasted for 10 minutes or so and then it was gone. I put my hand on the “dead” portion of my leg and I could feel my leg. It hurt to touch but I didn’t care, I just started tapping my fingers on my leg. That was an awesome experience. I can now go for walks without limping, but I do get bit tired sometimes.

My second experience: One and half months later, at 3am, I woke up in bed and I realized I could actually breathe. I was taking deep breaths, so I woke my husband up and asked him if he wanted to hear me breathe. He patted my head. At 5am, I woke up him again and asked him if he wanted to hear me breathe through my nose. Again he patted my head, but I was so excited. I have now put my nebulizer in the closet and have since only used each of my inhalers once.”

– Lore L.


‘I call it a MIRACLE’

“I’ve had a persistent cough in the summer and winter months for 40 years. I have received treatment for my asthma but nothing has ever worked. I have taken the SerraEnzyme 40,000iu caps since July and I’m now taking 3 x 1 per day. I call it ‘a miracle’. I still have the odd tickle, but only now and again.

Before taking SerraEnzyme, at this time of year I could hardly speak two words without coughing due to suffering with asthma symptoms.

I can’t thank Good Health Naturally enough for introducing me to a product which has made a dramatic improvement in my condition. I am now going onto the SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 per day to try as a maintenance dose.”

– Carol S.



‘I have Emphysema, but now feel like I did 30 years ago’

“Dear Staff, Thank you for the fast service. I’m not writing this to claim a freebie, but to say with Serrapeptase and Oxysorb, my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams! I have Emphysema, but now feel like I did 30 years ago. I have reduced my inhalers by 50% and could do with less. I felt today as if I was in a dream! Regards,”

– Tom Scally



‘He has been able to lower his intake of oxygen by 50%’

“I’m Caroline Harvey a complementary therapist.

The best result I have had was with a man who was 93 when I first saw him this was about 2 years ago…He was suffering from very bad emphysema to the extent he could hardly walk let alone go up stairs and was on oxygen 12 hours a day since he took Serrapeptase he has been able to lower his intake of oxygen by 50%. I saw him a few months ago he is now 95. He was going to the Health Centre on the treadmill and said he was looking for a new wife. He is taking minerals and vitamins as well but it is the Serrapeptase that has yielded best result lowering inflammation in the lungs.

– Caroline Harvey



‘I could hardly believe the improvement in his health’

“We were on a 3 week cruise and happened to meet one of the other passengers who was obviously in poor health. His lips were blue and his breathing laboured. When we got off to visit places he could hardly walk.

He was 72 years old and told us he suffered from asbestosis, emphysema and heart problems.
Having used Serrapeptase for all my family and friends, I just had to tell him about it. I happened to have a spare bottle with me, so I gave it to him.

He took 3 per day for the rest of the cruise, and even I could hardly believe the improvement in his health. By the end of the cruise, his lips were pink and he was able to do the full excursions.

I have spoken to him since and he has bought some himself and is now able to drive for the first time in a long time.”

-Mrs. Hardman



‘It seems to have no bad side effects at all’

“When a recent respiratory test revealed a remarkable improvement in Mr Clarke’s breathing capacity, medical staff were impressed and want to learn more about its properties.

“It is early days yet,” says Joy, “we’re going to wait until he sees the specialist next time. But my husband is certainly continuing to take serrapeptase. Unlike the steroids which affect the adrenal gland and cause depression, serrapeptase seems to have no bad side effects at all. Maybe in time we can get him off these other drugs. I know they’re not good for you in the long term.”

-Mrs. and Mr. Clarke

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Maxine Tesche
4 years ago

My emphysema was “diagnosed” in late 2004. Today with drugs, I am still here, but feel like I am slowly fading away.

Would like to take LIQUID serrapeptase in my nebulizer. (somehow, I feel the results would be achieved faster, as
the serrapeptase goes directly into the lungs.

Please advise.

4 years ago
Reply to  Maxine Tesche

Hi Maxine, serrapeptase isn’t available in liquid form. If you do find it anywhere, i stress it won’t be a legitimate serrapeptase, as it isn’t possible to correctly form in this way. Please contact our health coaches immediately so they can advise you, and monitor you to ensure improvement and success, on our Emphysema health plan. This i what you need to recover and rebuild your strength. Admin@MyGoodHealthClub.com – SkypeID: GoodHealthCoaching – Text: + 44 (0)7482 568066 (UK Mobile) – Tel: +44 (0)800 8021127 FREE (UK + Europe) – http://www.MyGoodHealthClub.com – Tel: +1 (844) 3342262 (US)

Robin O.
1 year ago

Dear “Miracle Enzyme” Team,
Is is possible to mix serrapeptase from a capsule in purified water and nebulize it for the lungs? It seems it would work faster on my extensive lung scarring. Please advise. Robin O.

Lindsay Powers
1 year ago
Reply to  Robin O.

Hi Robin, it’s best to take in capsule or tablet form, as it does not nebulize well. Take on an empty stomach, for the best way to get the SerraEnzyme into the body, to help clear the lung scarring.
Your Good Health Coaching Team

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