Angina Relief and Improvement in Chronic Fatigue Symptoms


“I have never been so excited over a product in my life as I am about Serrapeptase. I have been on it for two weeks and it has taken my angina away. I have had heart issues most of my life. I’m 57 and have been on heart meds for 39 years. Can you imagine? The electrical part of my heart is faulty. The heart is good, but not its function. Not sure what the chest pain is all about, but Serrapeptase has stopped it. Also, my fatigue is improving. I used to be down in bed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I have an alternative medical doctor that has helped some over the years. But….not as much as Serrapeptase has in two weeks!

Hubby is on Serrapeptase too! He had the start of pneumonia which he’s prone to. In two days….Serrapeptase stopped it! He’s fine now!

I praise God for you, your awesome book and the products! I have been buying your book at various places and giving them to people to read! I totally believe in you and the product! Hugs from Wisconsin.”

– Diane H.




“I was suffering with angina, which made walking uphill difficult. I took Blockbuster AllClear for a while and I found I could walk without difficulty, so assumed I was cured. I stopped taking them for 3 months and one day went out walking and on going up a hill found I had to stop, as the symptoms had returned. I have started taking the Blockbuster again and the symptoms have stopped – even going uphill, so it is definitely the Blockbuster that is helping.”




Serrapeptase relief for lady suffering with angina


“I have just received my order of serrapeptase – thank you it has come so quickly. I would like to tell you of my experience, having been diagnosed with angina, I decided to take Serrapeptase, which I discovered by looking online for alternative treatment. I found it worked very well for me from being breathless and suffering pain when doing the smallest thing, I now hardly notice my problem.

I am 75 years old and still ride my bike, go swimming and exercise in the gym. But recently due to finance issues I have probably not been taking care of myself the same. My husband has been ill with cancer…I stopped taking the serrapeptase for about 9 months and I have gradually noticed a return of the symptoms. So I was very relieved to see my package arrive this morning and am now looking forward to a return to my good health.”




Taking serrapeptase for angina


“I have been taking the SerraEnzyme for several years now…However, after years of angina, it has become unstable angina and I finally had an angiogram and found a blockage in the left main artery. They cannot do a stent…saying the only solution is a triple bypass…I am 80 years old and in excellent health otherwise …have never had any surgery…I have upped the number of serrapeptase capsules and have faith in them for other things as they have helped for cardiovascular reasons!

I am on medical management for a time and the doctors want me to decide…of course I do not want any surgery!! I am on Isosorbide and he added Ranexa and I have had no angina since….I have had symptoms for years but it just progressed until I knew I had to go to ER. I never had an angiogram until this time. The cardiologist knows of the serrapeptase and approves but said this could have happened years ago if I had not been taking it. I also take Nattokinase…

I have to make a decision but seemingly just cannot at this time and would like to continue taking the serrapaptase in large amounts if it would help. My right carotid artery went down to 70 and amazed my doctors as they said that it usually does not go down.”

– Rosemary K.



I am Elderly But Feeling Fine


“Hello Robert,

I have previously suffered with angina and heart problems. I am elderly but now feel fine, and I put it down to regular daily use of your BlockBuster, Serrapeptase and Curcumin.”

– Dilys X., United Kingdom



Since I’ve Been on Serrapeptase, All Symptoms of Angina Have Stopped


“In September 1995, I had open heart surgery with five bypasses. By 2006, I had 15 stents installed. In November 2007, I started chelation, as I was having angina attacks 3-4 times a week. I started taking the 80,000IU SerraEzyme in December 2007, as I was once again experiencing daily angina attacks when I walked my little dog.

At the end of 3 weeks, I had a CT scan, using a brand new machine on my heart at the doctor’s office. All 5 prior carotid artery tests via ultrasound had increased every year from 10-20% to 20-30% to 30-40% to 50-60%. The new CT scan report came back, less than 30% each carotid artery.

Since I’ve been on serrapeptase, all symptoms of angina have stopped, and I walk my dog every day here in Florida in 80-90 degrees heat – a one mile walk, and no angina.

I have undertaken research on serrapeptase, and its history, and my holistic doctor recommended I take some daily till the day I die. I’m 83 and I feel great—like my old self. I highly recommend the taking of serrapeptase to everyone who has had open heart surgery.

At age 80 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Two GI doctors did nothing to stop my 30 trips to the toilet, because of constant diarrhoea during a 24-hour period. This went on for six months. I lost 55 pounds in one month and knew I was going to die. I was so weak I could hardly walk and needed assistance from my wife to do so. If it were not for finding a newly qualified medical doctor in Palmetto, our next town, who through holistic methods and chelation and serrapeptase, I would not now have control over my Crohn’s as well.”

– L.H., United States



Jan Now Has Virtually Symptom Free Walking


“Dear Robert,

Thanks for your reply. I’m pleased to be able to tell you that my partner Jan now has virtually symptom free walking after taking Serrapeptase since mid September for his Angina.

PS. My mother is also taking Serrappeptase now and has noticed less aching in her veins.

Many thanks,”

– Jackie Coombs



Since Taking Serrapeptase I’ve Not Had An Angina Attack


“I had angina pains just walking my dog around the block by the time I only reached the half way mark. Took the 6 x 80K tablets for 30 days and now down to just 3. Two weeks after starting the 6 per. day, the angina stopped and I’ve not had an Angina attack since.

I go for a yearly carotid artery check in June and as the yearly checks showed the blockage increasing around 10% every year and last year it was up to 60-70. So after the next check due in June, I’m really anxious to see the readings. I’ve had open heart surgery with 5 by Passes in September of 1995. 10 years later my first Stent. Then at 11 years I started to have much angina pains that put me into the hospital and in 2005 & 2006 I wound up with 15 more Stents.

Since taking the 80k IU Serrapaptase tablets, my Angina has stopped and I can tell the difference in my willing to do things around the house for once. Again, ” I’m 82.

– Larry Hawes Ellenton, Florida



My Wife Discovered It, I Can’t Thank Her Enough


“It is a big decision to turn your back on orthodox drugs in favour of longer-term complementary therapies. That is the step J.S. is contemplating now having seen quite dramatic results with serrapeptase. An angina sufferer he has gone through the usual medical route of having a stent inserted and being put on statins to prevent the build up of “unfriendly” cholesterol.

Thanks to his wife’s research into enzyme therapy occasioned by both her son’s health problem and her own liver dysfunction the couple discovered serrapeptase.

‘J’ mixes scientific research with a certain intuition which she believes is crucial to finding what is right for the individual.

Says J.S. “Personally I’ve had a great success with serrapeptase. In the past if I had anything to eat and then went out I had pain in my arm and left side. That condition has gone. When we discovered it on the Internet we ordered four bottles. I am now on my last bottle. We were amazed at how quickly it worked. Before I’d walk over a fairly flat area and get this angina pain. Now I can walk up a 5 in 1 gradient hill and, all right, I arrive at the top a bit breathless but only as anybody else would. Sometimes I’ll feel a slight pain but nothing like it was before.”

J.S. is so confident about his therapy he has given up beta-blockers and aspirin. He takes serrapeptase at a dose of one in the morning one in the evening. Understandably, he is reluctant to give up statins totally although he is now on this low dose.”

“I am definitely feeling the effect,” he says, “I think you also have to look after yourself: simple life, the right meals, cut down on processed foods and oily foods. My wife discovered serrapeptase and I can’t thank her enough.”

– J.S.