Parkinson’s-related Symptoms Improved

“I was experiencing many of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Some morning I could barely get out of the bed. My stiff and inflexible muscles really made it feel like a chore. The tremors are still here. However, after following your health plan and because I’ve been taking the serrapeptase, I noticed an improvement in my condition. I have less pain and stiffness in my joints and the tremors are becoming less frequent. They are still there, but there is a difference. Thank you for the blessing that is serrapeptase.”


– Joan, West Yorks, UK




Able to carry out normal tasks again

“Life is getting better thanks to serrapeptase. Your health plan, which I’m following for some months now is making a major difference to my life. It is giving me back some normalcy. The pain is barely there in my joints. Overall, my outlook has improved. In addition, it’s now becoming easier to do everyday activities such as walking or holding objects that any person without Parkinson’s Disease may take for granted. Every day I feel like I am slowly but surely getting stronger. It is mostly due to the reduction in pain and my semi-returning ability to carry out normal tasks again. Thank you so much.”


– Rod, Scotland