Q: Hi, I found your site while researching health tips. I was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema in October 2011 and stage 3 Lung cancer in March 2012. After 2 biopsies (one resulting in a collapsed lung) and one cycle of chemo I am now using alternate healing. I have changed my diet, mainly vegan, and watching my pH levels. I am having regular acupunture, reflexology and NAET treatments. In August a PET scan showed the cancer to have gone from my lymph nodes making it stage 2 and offering more treatment options. I am still opting for alternate with a CT scan scheduled for 3 months. I am now looking to reduce the tumour and heal the lungs and think that serrapeptase will help. Can you recommend which of your products would be most beneficial to me at this time? -Mary W., United Kingdom

A: Can I put you on this Recovery Plan as it is likely to clear all of your problems?

Register at and use www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com to ask me continuing questions for easy communications.


Q: Hi Robert,

I recently read your book, the miracle emzyme, and have since bought Serrapeptase 80,000iu, for my illness emphysema, I have been taking MSM and seemed to be getting on okay with. Is it ok to take both? -Brian M.

A: Yes take both together by all means. I have a new action plan to clear Emphysema.


Q: Is there any were in Australia I can buy some Serrapeptase? I’ve got emphysema. -Robert M.

A: Get it at www.GoodHealthOZ.com or phone 0 280 062 043 between 6pm and 10pm AEST if you need help ordering.

I strong recommend this plan for you for the first week and then reduce steadily to a level that keeps you feeling good:

  • SerraPlus+ 2 x 3 times per day
  • Curcumin98 2 x 3 times per day
  • OxySorb spray under tongue 3-4 times daily.

Once you are feeling better I have some foods recommendations to help you. Email to update me on your progress.


Q: Hi Robert,

I have Emphysema stage 2. For the past 4 months I have been doing the Buteyko method of breathing 3 times per day, taking up a total of almost 2 hours every day.

I have been eating a 70% raw diet with no grains or sugar (almost faithfully…I have had a few stressful moments and fallen off the wagon a couple of times). I started taking proteolytic enzymes 3 weeks ago as I have just found your site) and started probiotics at the same time.

I was taking 3 proteolytic enzymes in the morning but changed to 2 capsules 4 times daily when I read your advice.

I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel and would like to know how I should continue (when my supplies run out I will buy supplements from your site).


A: Criquette,

The plan to completely recover is on this link and I am glad to see you have already been doing the right things. The breathing is worth 30% of your recovery, diet another 30% and nutrients about 40%.

If you have any questions just register at www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com and we can work through your plan.
Q: Hello and Good day,

I’ve read the articles here on Asthma / Emphesyma but when I went to order the products I need I became uncertain of which item(s) would be best for these lung issues with the variety of Serrapeptase products there is on the product page.

Also I need to ask if this would help my 14 yr old daughter that has just been diagnosed with a large cyst in her brain. They are saying she was born with it and that it probably hasn’t grown in years… however she has lost almost 80% of her vision, she has terrible headaches all the time and dizzy spells and they say it’s best not to drain the cyst or do anything for her. They said the vision loss is not because of the cyst (though it’s in that area of the brain so I’m not sure about that) and that it was probably caused by an injury (she’s never had a head injury) or she had a stroke.

Is it possible the Serrapeptase would help to reduce the size of this cyst given that it’s in her brain? Are there products you’d recommend for her (PLEASE!) I need help and the Dr’s aren’t being very helpful and I’ve been left with more questions than answers. We know there’s a nearly 2″ cyst in her brain and that she has these terrible symptoms and I’m thinking reducing the size of that cyst would be the best thing to help reduce the symptoms as well.

Thank you very kindly for your wonderful website and all the excellent information you’ve put out here for anyone to find that needs it.  -Marguerite F., United States

A: Marguerite,

I am sure you both can benefit from my recovery plan. It involves my really healthy foods plan but with a little will power and support from me I am sure you can stick to the plan. The plan is in this link and both of you need to stay on it for at least 3 months and then we can review.

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