Uterine Fibroids Testimonials


‘Serrapeptase cleared my fibroids.’

“I got scared when I found out I had pea-sized fibroids in my uterus. I was told that they will just get bigger and bigger and that my doctor will just check them during my regular visits to check on the size. They’ve not really been bothering me yet and causing that much discomfort and I had the option to have them surgically removed but I am aware that they may grow back. So I thought I’d try Serrapeptase first and see how it clears the fibroids before  jumping into surgery without sure results. A couple of months after, my doctor can no longer find any tumor in my uterus. Thank you for your website and the information.”

Angie L., Canada


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Claudia S.M.

Hello Robert!

It is possible to take Serrapeptase through the skin with a serrapeptase cream or oil? I have tried serrapeptase for two weeks and I got an inflammation of the stomach, I feel much better of this problem but I dont want to damage my stomach, I think it would be ideal to heal myself of fibroids without secundary effects.

Kind Regards,


Lindsay Powers
Lindsay Powers

Hello Claudia, serrapeptase will not damage the stomach when taken internally, and this is the most efficient way to take it. Please see our full health plan for fibroids here, with additional recommendations: https://goodhealthhelpdesk.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1948/107/uterine-fibroids-health-plan
Your Good Health Coaching Team