‘With warmer feet and improved breathing Mrs Dean is feeling much happier’

I can sympathise with Mrs. M. Dean. I too have a bad circulation and I understand the pleasure of having warm feet. She states that while she was on the optimum dose of a day she had warm feet for the first time in years.

“She also suffers from what the doctor describes as an ‘atypical micro bacterium’ problem of the lungs and has had attacks of breathlessness. No one knows quite how she developed this but she believes that her immune system was at an all time low following a long period of nursing her husband.
“I am on the same treatment as those with TB,” she says “They are vicious drugs and sometimes I think TB would be easier to cure. I asked the cardiologist if I could knock off these drugs and he said I must get rid of the inflammation.

She believes that Serrapeptase is helping her with this and that her breathing has improved. Although she has always had an inhaler beside her bed at night she now finds that even when she forgets to use it she doesn’t notice any ill effects.

“I work in nutrition and only wish such supplements could be put on the NHS. I hear of people all the time with this or that deficiency. If the correct supplements could be prescribed for them you’d see the hospitals empty, I am sure.”

With warmer feet and improved breathing Mrs Dean is feeling much happier these days. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

“Next time I see my specialist, I’ll see what he says!”

Writer Jenny Pulling interviews Mrs. Dean