Gravatar_transparenteEpileptic Fits

“I experienced epileptic fits for a while. I’m always cautious around anything that might act as a potential trigger. Often, I get a headache and feel dizzy. In addition, I may also experience severe nausea. It is not a pleasant experience but something I got used to. I was looking for a more natural solution to help relieve these symptoms. My doctor was continuing to dish out meds to me when I felt them unnecessary, having complained to him previously about the side-effects. I began taking your advice and started on the BrainPower and Serranol, as well as following the healthy diet and lifestyle plan. I have noticed that I’m much calmer, epileptic fits and attacks are less frequent if any. Moreover, I feel like I can go about my day without having to worry so much. Thank you!”

– Judy, Somerset