Gravatar_transparenteSerrapeptase Removed Pain and Swelling

“I was feeling really fed up after my operation to remove a ganglion cyst from my foot. I knew that there would be some swelling but I had no idea by how much! It was so painful and I just wanted to feel normal again. I took the serrapeptase like you suggested and within a day or two the pain reduced. Moreover, a few days after that the swell was considerably less. Within a week it was virtually non-existent. It really is as you describe – a miracle.”

– Jade, Sutton Benger


Gravatar_transparente Instantaneous Relief from Swelling

“After my mastectomy I suffered with lymphedema. The swelling was noticeable in my arms and chest. In addition, I really worried that it wouldn’t go down. Thankfully I took the serrapeptase as you mentioned in our discussion. I was amazed by the almost instantaneous relief I felt afterwards. Thank you, thank you, I will continue taking the serrapeptase as it’s making me feel wonderful again.”

– Karen, Somerset



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