Atrial Fibrillations and Palpitations Testimonials


“My heart palpitations were getting out of control. I felt that at any moment I could be in serious trouble. I knew I had to take my health into my own hands, so I bought some of your serrapeptase. I’m pleased to say that in just two short weeks, my health appears to have improved a good deal and my palpitations are easing. Thanks”

Mark, Windsor


“I have always taken good care of myself which is why I was surprised when I started to experience the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. My heart beat was irregular and fast, making me panic. I went to the doctor but I don’t think he really knew how to help me other than to typically prescribe medication. I have always been a believer in trusting your instincts and eating natural foods. I started on your atrial fibrillations health plan a month ago and I’m feeling so much better already.”

June, Surrey


“My irregular heartbeat had both myself and my wife panicking about my overall health and plans for the future. I didn’t feel confident in what my doctor was recommending me, so I decided to do my own research and look for more natural methods. That’s when I stumbled upon serrapeptase on your site. I have been taking it for over six weeks now and I am certainly pleased with the improvement to my overall health. The palpitations have gone. Thank you!”

Barry, Dundee

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