Q: My mother has atrial fibrillation. She suffered an ischaemic attack which caused a mini stroke and I found your article about the benefits of serrapeptase. I ordered your product but as I would have to wait a number of days I found a local brand of serrapeptase in 20 000IU. I manage to give her 40 000 IU in the morning and the same again in the afternoon and am convinced that the medication is assisting but slowly…

At the same time I decided to take 1 x 20 000IU 3xdaily for skin problems and on the second day suffered severe diarrhoea and nausea. I then decided to reduce the dosage to 1 x 20 000IU per day with the same results. I read your blog on side effects and then realised that I have suffered adult glandular fever on three occasions with severe hepatitis C. Could you give me an indication of the best dosage to take as I think my body is extremely sensitive and within 40 minutes of taking the capsule I have reaction. I am now on my fourth day and have moved to taking the capsule in the late afternoon (round 3pm) so that the worst effects are in play for late afternoon and early evening (at home and not work). I am off food except fruit and raw veggies which I eat moderately.

A: You really need to go through a recovery plan as these problems are going to keep popping up and hitting you when you least want them.

This link below shows you what is needed both from supplements and diet. I trust the fruit you eat is low sugar dark skinned fruits such as avocados. I know you will also have galloping candida at present. Green veggies are great.

Atrial Fibrillation(AF or A-fib) and Palpitations Health Plan and Atrial Fibrillation(AF or A-fib) and Palpitations Health Activity Plan

I do realise not everyone can afford all of the things and so come back to me and lets discuss it.

Q: Robert,

Could you please tell me what is “1st line immune support kit”?


A: See attached scientific report and the product here http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/immune_support/

It clears an infection of any kind in the body. Infection is the prime cause of most disease and this is becoming more and more of a problem because we are eating an un-natural diet and drinking un-natural drinks.

Q: Robert,

Thanks for replying. The condition that I am trying to treat is Atrial Fibrillation. I have had 3 ablations with very little success. I have come across multiple reports indicating that fibrosis is the root cause of AFIB. i.e. ( The root cause of AF is electrical disconnects in the myocardium from fibrosis and necrosis). Fibrosis is potentially reversible, necrosis (dead cells) is not. It seems highly likely to me that oral fibrinolytic enzyme supplementation may remove cardiac fibrosis to restore NSR if cellular necrosis has not become too excessive. Other than the AFIB I am in a good health condition. I know it will take sometime to get rid of the fibrosis, but I have traveled many other paths without success.

A: Fibrosis for the best shot in your case needs:

Serranol 2 caps x 3 times perday, 30mins before eating a meal

Nascent Iodine Drops 3 drops x 3 times per day in a little water

See them both at www.GoodHealthUSA.com

Q: Would this enzyme help with atrial fibulation, and can you buy it in liquid form? I’ m not very good at taking tablets/capsules as, I believe, I am allergic to the coating.

Many thanks.

A: Mary, Serrapeptase is not the solution to your problem. I have a recovery plan for this and please let me know if you want my help to clear it up?

Q: Good morning, thank you for our email. I would love to know what your recovery plan is. Many thanks.

A: You can get the things I listed at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com and they mail them from Northwich in Cheshire.

Atrial Fibrillation(AF or A-fib) and Palpitations Health Plan and Atrial Fibrillation(AF or A-fib) and Palpitations Health Activity Plan

Q: I have been taking serrapeptase for a while now and I just read that people prone to atrial fibrillation should consult their physician before using it. What comments do you have on this as I have had atrial fibrillation since I was in jr. high and I am now 70.

A: As possibly one of the worlds top experts, I disagree. Are you taking Taurine and Magnesium for this condition?

Q: Dear Robert,

I would greatly appreciate your advice regarding my husband’s health.

He is 81 and although he has the following problems, is still able to travel and enjoys gardening.

He has to use Betnovate steroid cream now and again for a skin rash caused by side effects to the following medication.

Warfin for Atrial Fibrllation

Bicalutamide (Hormone Treatment) for Prostate Cancer.

Adcal D3 for a Collapsed/ Fractured Vertebrae due to Osteoporosis.

He also has varicose veins and poor circulation in his legs.

Having read your book The Miracle Enzyme I am wondering if it will be safe for him to take Serrapeptase ?

A: Yes it would. I strongly recommend he took BlockBuster AllClear at the rate of 2 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating with water.

Also Curcuminx4000 2 x 3 times to get his prostate healthy.

He should drink 6-8 glasses of water per day (except when travelling) with a large pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass to help his osteoporosis and prostate.

Q: Hello Robert.

My order should be here any day now but l did notice on the report that you should not take Blockbuster All Clear if you have Piles. Maybe I do have piles and do not know it what is the danger? l have been on Warfarin for 6 years and have have no bleeding. l have Atrial Fibrillation. My doctor has said with this product I dont need to take warfarin – I’m so happy.

A: It is fine and I promise it will not cause any problem with bleeding.

Q: I am very excited to discover your website and Serrapeptase, which I never heard of before tonight. I read about it on naturalnews.com when searching for a cure for plaque in the arteries.Now I’m trying to figure out which product to buy: I need it for plaque and joint health and leg health and aging, but also for cysts/fibroids.

It looks like the Blockbuster formula is the one you most recommend, but that one doesn’t say it helps cysts and fibroids. On the other hand, Serraplus tablets helps cysts/fibroids and joints and tendons, which I need (I have trouble walking), but it doesn’t seem to address the plaque/heart/circulation issues.

Does this mean I need to take both of them? Or would you recommend one for me over the other? I am attracted to Serrapeptase because it seems to address all my different problems, but it doesn’t sound like one product will address them all. If I get both, am I going to overdose? If I get both, should I do one one day and the other the next day maybe?

Also, if I buy one or both of these products, do I still need to do the Vitamin B, curcumin, and other stuff you recommend, or do these products substitute for that?

A: Your problems are simply a matter of changing your lifestyle and of course taking a few serrapeptase formulations etc. The hard part is knowing who to trust and the the even harder part is sticking to the plan.

I am sending your plan in the link below and if you want me then I can coach and support your journey to good health.

Heart Disease Health Plan