Gravatar_transparenteRosemary Hall talks about her neighbor’s Stroke Recovery and her own results

“Because she had heard of my stroke recovery, I was approached by a neighbor (a diabetic), who had a stroke in 1997 and was still unable to walk unaided and suffered constant pain in her right leg. Only 7 days after having put her onto Serrapeptase, she told me overjoyed that for the first time she was able to walk on her own for quite a long distance and also that her big toe, which had crossed over, had straightened out. She is continuing to make good progress (she is now on her second bottle) and is very satisfied.

P.S. She has also just told me that her sugar level has improved considerably since she has been taking Serrapeptase.






Good Progress After Stroke

“Robert, I just wanted to update you on my husband’s progress on his stroke recovery. He is doing better with his health overall. He follows the program you sent me regarding the diet, and supplements. There has definitely been some weight loss and no additional medications have been required. In fact there has not been a need for any medical appointments yet.

Last week he helped me carry and spread sixteen bags of mulch for our yard. This may not seem like much but a month ago it was nearly impossible for him.

He needs to improve on the frequency and consistency of some sort of regular exercise, this is the low point of progress.

I have also been making the soup listed in your “Miracle of Serrapeptase” book. I load it up with lots of good vegetables and the only salt we use is sea salt. The soup really helped him in the beginning because it was so filling and it kept hunger complaints down to a minimum. I still make it at least once a week.

We are also eating a lot of avocados!”

Janet H, United States

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