Serrapeptase for Lesions

“My wife put me on to serrapeptase. she was researching it for her father, who has problems with his lungs. One minute he was on his death bed, the next minute he is charging all over Spain. His doctor can not believe it, anyway the reason I am writing this is because I had an umbilical hernia operation in December 2012.

The scar it left behind is not the best looking scar in the world; it is red raised and angry looking. Since I began taking serrapeptase a couple of weeks ago, it has almost disappeared on one side of it, and has faded in colour on the other side. I stopped taking serrapeptase about four weeks ago, because I was having surgery on my hand, I am going to start it up again tomorrow.”

William, Devon


best treatment for scar tissue

“My course of healing showed amazing/visible results. My doctor said in 2006 that, if he recorded his medical findings with me, he would be instantly out of a job. I stopped and started the supplements intermittently to see if they were really working. Each time I stopped, the granulation tissue increased, and the myofascial pain returned.

It didn’t take long for me to become convinced of the healing progress at hand. As an unexpected bonus, I’ve lost fibrotic tissue in shoulders and back as well.I require no pain medications or expensive injections to liberate me from the rock hard neck muscles and granulation tissue which threatened to plague me forever at great cost.It’s very clear to me that the healing power of these potent enzymes will one day carry great weight toward influencing the traditional medical community to take notice of the value in cleaning up the environment of the body, mind, and spirit, rather than just treating symptoms in a complex and endless cycle.”

– LH, United States

scar tissue treatment after surgery

“Hi, After recently being recommended Serrapeptase by my mother who has an arthritic neck and scar tissue damage, she got a lot better and dramatically reduced her pain killer intake, I decided to try it myself for chronic sinuses and found I instantly got better by 95% I’ve also found it works amazingly well on menstrual cramps which I suffered with greatly yet with serrapeptase I don’t even need 1 painkiller, it also prevented a cold from developing when I had a sore head and neck.”

Many thanks


scar tissue treatment after surgery

“Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have been on the protocol and recovery food plan and am feeling so much better!

Again, thank you for your help, I am grateful and feel like I am coming back to life, I also have my entire family on Serrepeptase and they are seeing improvements as well. My 89 year Mother, is amazing and so very happy that varicose veins that she has had for 60 years are disappearing!”

Thanks with all my heart,
Ginette B.

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