Q: What is lesion?
A: A lesion is any abnormality in the tissue of an organism (in layman’s terms, “damage”), usually caused by disease or trauma. Lesion is derived from the Latin word laesio meaning injury.

Q: Hi 2 weeks ago I had asked you for help for my husband that just had his middle toe amputated due to scar tissue in his leg stint that was put in beginning last year and it was blocked then a spider bit his toe it was not getting blood supply and we had to amputate it, but the toe next to that was turning blue and the wound was not healing. The three products you have recommended was block buster oxysorb and silver sol gel. It really looks like it is slowly healing the one toe is not dark blue anymore just has some dead skin that i have been trying to remove an there is new skin under that’s nice his wound looks smaller but there is that white kinda film and I have a hard time trying to get it off . He still has a lot of pain but I see it slowly going he has some times where its not so harsh . It must be working. Have you any idea of a natural or any kind of product that will remove the dead tissue . The FDA stoped the sales of the one made from Pippin an enzyme that dissolves the pus and that white stuff. I don’t know who else to ask that would not just want to chop his other toe off, and I thank God for your help we have hope now.

Thank you very very much.


A: Sandra,

Just take SerraPlus+ as well as the BlockBusterAllclear to clear this.

Keep the exercises and the leg elevated. He will get there.


Q: Can Serrapeptase help with INDENTED facial scar tissue, and if so, what dosage do you advise. Also, would Serrapeptase help with reducing what I think is called Seborrhoeic Keratosis / Warts, and again, what dosage would you advise?

Which do you consider to be the more efficacious, capsules or tablets?

Thank you in advance.


A: Janet,

It is impossible to guess how these conditions will respond to serrapeptase. Trying it and the various topical options that should be used alongside the serrapeptase are harmless in the worst case and so if there are no other solutions then worth trying.


Q: Hello Robert,

I am so grateful to have found your site. My husband had developed scar tissue due an operation awhile back and apparently over a 10-year timespan, lesions started floating around, several even adhering to some of his organs. One had even wrapped itself around his small intestine, choking it, so now he has a second zipper on his chest.

Your product line is the answer so that he does not have to go thru this again.
Taking Serra Plus tabs/caps seems to be the best choice for him, but I just wanted to make sure and would appreciate your confirmation.

In my case, I will be ordering your original SerraEnzyme for my post-nasal drip according to your recommendation. For the rest, we are a healthy 50-something couple and look forward to using your products to help maintain our health.

I have to say that I am amazed that of all the times I mentioned serrapeptase, I have yet to find anyone who knows what I am talking about. This includes our own general doctor, my naturopathic doctor as well as the surgeon who operated on my husband. Hopefully this will change at some point in the future, one patient at a time.

Thank-you for your time and your feedback. And congratulations on your new site Good Health Canada. I love it!!!

Maureen L.,


A: Take Nascent Iodine drop also. 3 drops x 3 times per day.


Q: Hi,

I have had to have a number of surgeries over the past few months. I have been left with some pretty yucky scars, that are raised and hard. There seems to be a large amount of scar tissue both internal and external. I have been told that Serrapeptase and/or Neprinol work really well to eliminate this problem. Do you sell either of these products and can you please tell me if they do help with this and also what you know about them ?Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Debbie W.

A: Debbie,

I do know about these things. I was the first to publicize serrapeptase 10 years ago and my web site serrapeptase.info is the most visited site in the world and provides huge amount of feedback about scars and the many other conditions helped.

Two things will help:
1. Serrapeptase 80,000iu – 2 x 3, 30mins before eating
2. Penzim Gel applied 2 times per day.


Q: Thanks Robert – would that apply to me or my husband (or maybe the both of us)?


Maureen L.,


A: Both. Actually everyone needs it unless they eat 3 portions of seaweed everyday.


Q: I have bought the Serraplus+ TM tablets for scar tissue and I am wondering whether any ingredients in them will cause photosensitivity with the sun ie brown patches on the skin as I am due to go away to the South of France for one month.

Many thanks,

Lucinda W.

A: None have been reported in 30 years of use.

Enjoy your holiday, bon voyage.


Q: Robert: Last week I had surgery to replace shattered elbow/broken arm from bicycle wreck two weeks ago. Forgive one handed typing! I am 61 year old female, overweight but no other health issues— having horrible swelling, pain from trauma of accident/surgery. Drugs (pain and anti-inflammatories and steroids for lungs) just get me thru temporarily. What suggestions would you make?  I’ve just ordered the serrapeptase and am taking some I had here in the cabinet… Am recently certified family herbalist so already am cognizant of importance of natural healing.

thanks for your input Robert! I kept trying to submit this via web form but it wouldn’t go thru.

Jo P.

A: Jo,

Take 2 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before each meal, with a glass of water.


Q: Hello,

I would like to know when I could start taking Serrapeptase to help heal from my upcoming tummy tuck surgery? When and how many of the 60,000iu?

Thank you very much.

Shannon D.

A: Start 24hrs after the op and take 1 x 2 times per day 30mins before foods.

Take SerraPlus+ Tablet or caps to suit your self.


Q: (I am asking the following question only to increase my understanding so that I can discuss serrapeptase with some friends. I do not mean it in any sort of skeptical or belligerent way.)

Can you explain, or direct me to an explanation of, how serrapeptase works on scar tissues after it’s been ingested?

When I first heard of serrapeptase, I was very excited and bought a couple of big bottles; one for myself, one for a friend whose son had undergone a colostomy.

I can imagine how it might work topically on scar tissue (or on a cocoon!). But I just don’t understand how it gets from the stomach, into the blood stream, and to the areas where it might be needed…joints, sinus cavities, old or new scar tissue, etc.

I still have part of a bottle. But since it is a bit expensive, I didn’t want to take it if I wasn’t sure it was surviving the digestive process.

It’s been about 2 or 3 years since I took it regularly, so I can’t say I remember with certainty what benefits I noticed. However…I’ve had a “bad” knee for over 20 years. It used to “go out” and leave me unable to walk for 3 days; this usually happened 2 or more times per year, sometimes almost once a month! I haven’t had it go out for about 18 months. This may be due to being laid off from a job where I was on my feet all day; that aggravated it terribly. But what I *hope* is that the serrapeptase nibbled away any rough or torn edges of the meniscus, and that’s why it’s not going out any more!

Thank you very much!!!

Leelannee S.,


A: Leelannee,

Please see my book attached to understand serrapeptase more fully.


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