Overall Good Health

“I have been following your plan for overall good health and taking the Serranol daily as suggested. It is making a big difference to my general well-being and I know that what I feel on the inside will soon reflect on the outside…so thank you….”

– Jane, Birmingham



Improved Health Problems For Man In His Sixties


Good morning, Mr. Redfern, hope all is well in Majorca!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank God and to thank you for the great ideas concerning my overall good health.

I have been able to walk my 1.6 (or 3 miles a day) depending on the weather outside. Despite winter that is soon coming,  we’ve had a few warm days in Virginia (the East Coast of the U.S.); I’m grateful for that!

I continue to follow the regimen you provided (Nascent Iodine — Blockbuster — Serranol — Krill — Probiotic — Active Life/) every day. In addition, I have also introduced my family to serrapeptase (SerraEnzyme 80,000 IU) to help in digestion, which is so important because of the food we stuff our colons with on a daily basis.

I figured that if my children take serrapeptase in their early 30′s and eat less meats, dairy, and carbs, they’ll not experience the same health problems I’m battling in my 60s.

Life Improvement

An alternative doctor told me that ‘death begins in the colon’. Ignorance is not bliss. Because of the health program you recommended, I was able to survive the long walks up and down, around the Masada mountain in Israel and down 180 steps in the Megiddo, as well as all the other trips for 8 days. Some young friends of mine were surprised how I managed to walk down the same mountain they visited (and they took the cable car up and down both ways to reach the place). They hesitated to walk down the mountain.

Today, I don’t pant as I used to when doing my walks. Three weeks ago I began a regimen of ‘cupping’, acupuncture and acupressure to ‘wake up’ the energies in my body further… thankfully, insurance helps pay for these procedures.

I’d do anything to take good care of my overall good health! My mother was right when she taught me, ‘You squander your health to gain wealth; then you squander your wealth to gain health!’

By way of this e-mail I am deeply thankful to those (that I’ve copied) who’ve been praying for me all along. May our good Lord bless you even more!”

– Lourdes A.

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