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Q: Sounds most impressive.. I note hair loss not covered however.. I live in hope!

A: Is it hair loss under 30 or over 50?


Q: Robert…. if I go all natural with blockbuster and serranol will it hurt to take l-arginine and citruline?

Raymond B.

A: No thats fine.

I take my HealthyFlow formula everyday just for antiaging. See the supplement facts and compare


Q: Serrapeptase Information: Anti Ageing, The Proof.

This video was the most interesting one I have watched in a very long time. It was enlightening to discover that long life doesn’t only depend on regular exercise and healthy eating; it is also depends good genes, culture, belief, environment and history. If you have good genes, you can eat what you like and any in quantity – it is amazing! On the other hand, if your ancestors lived in poor conditions and in order to survive they developed heightened immune defences, these defences can affect later generations.


A: Maisie,

Your conclusion is not quite correct. These people all eat local natural foods and do not retire. Since the concept of retirement will disappear in the west within the next generation (as unaffordable) there will also be more people living longer.


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