HIV and Eczema

Q: What can you recomend for HIV and eczema?



A: Take 1st Line immune kits, 1 per day for as many as you can afford to make sure you get every last virus.

Alwaya telephone their help line in case they have any on special offer.


Eczema and Asthma

Q: My son suffers from Eczema and Asthma. He currently takes Zyrtec and Albuterol for these conditions. He also uses a nebulizer for his asthma. I’m looking for some type of treatment to limit his intake of prescription drugs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Yolanda G.,


A: Yolanda,

How old is he?
You may read Eczema Health Plan:


Serrapeptase To The Rescue

Q: Can serrapeptase help with eczema? I ordered some for my daughter to see if it will help clear up her skin.

I figured since it it is an anti-flammatory agent it would help heal by working from the inside out. She also takes a probiotic and a health supplement called Cell Wise.

Robyn B.,


A: Robyn,

What did you order?
How old is she?

Have you cut down junk foods such as carbs and cows link (repalcing with sheeps or goats milk products)?

The fastest and easiest way clear it is to apply Derma Q-Gel cream which has the highest concentration of CoQ10. Both my wife and I have used it for 12 years.

See it at

This is me creating a quick help video for someone and at 66 with no make-up judge for yourself how good this stuff is for anti ageing.


Right Serrapeptase Dosage

Q: I ordered serrapeptase from a company called Hallelujah Acres. My daughter is 16. She has suffered from ezcema since age 3.


A: It is a lttle expensive 60 caps x 40,000iu and I would have recommend the small tablet form of SerraEnayme 80,000iu
If they are too big for her then send them back, otherwise she may as well take them.
It is the Derma Q-Gel that will clear it anyway.


Serrapeptase For Food Allergies

Q: Hi Robert, been reading some interesting articles regarding Serrapeptase and was wondering; Are allergies connected to inflammation?

I am writing about my daughter, who has suffered eczema with blistering rashes, uncontrollable itching and swelling all over her body.

She has tested for food allergies and tested positive for dairy products, but there haqs been little progress. Can serrapeptase help?

Thank you for your help.

Lynne B.,


A: Lynn,

Yes inflammation is part of all health problems.
Everyone is allergic to some degree to unnatural foods such as wheat products, potatoes and milk products.
Natural foods are those we can pick and eat raw. Even cows don’t drink milk. Processed milk is even worse. A calf fed on supermarket milk would die within a few months.

Get her on safe foods such as:

Avocados, green veggie soups, blended veggies, nuts and seeds (soaked for 24 hr or more to make them digestible), beans, pulses and lentils (again better sprouted), sprouted wheat bread.

Sprouted grain are the only grains that are OK, Quinoa is a really healthy substitute for rice. Make mash out of cauliflower, garlic, olive oil and maybe onion.

Hemp oil taken orally and massaged into the blisters is great.

Meats need to be grass fed. Fish needs to be wild.

Serrapeptase is good for everyone for the rest of their lives to keep inflammation under control. How old is she?


Viral Skin Rashes

Q: Dear Sir:

I am taking Serrapetase and finding good results. I have also purchased your book and find it full of important information.

My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter has eczema and other viral skin rashes most of the year. I would like to know if Serrapetase could help her. If so, how much should she have and how do you get a toddler to take it? It’s not easy to find a time when she has an empty stomach and I know she can’t swallow the capsules.

Thank you for your time.


Michele D.

A: Eczema:
Cut down or out starchy carbs replace with spouted wheat bread and Quinoa type foods.
Cut down or cut out milk products, replace with Goats milk or better still Almond Milk.
Take Hemp Oil orally Daily, and massage into Eczema.
Curcumin98, open capsules and mix with a little food.
Serrapeptase, open capsules and mix with a little water.


Serrapeptase for Dermatitis

Q: Hi Robert

I have been taking Serrapeptase for over a year now mainly for dermatitis and it has definitely helped that.

After starting on the Serraplus and using that for almost a year – I then changed to the serraenzyme. However, I had digestive problems and IBS.

I have also only been taking 1 a day. I am now due to put another order through and was wondering with your recommendation what option would be better for me to take.

Also is it not necessary to have a break from taking the capsules from time to time?

Appreciate your reply.


Leanne G.

A: Leanne,

I have taken it for ten years with no effects.
You could try my new Serranol formulation for 1 bottle to how much you can improve.
How is your diet? See mine

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients—-4-super-nutrients

Serranol for Allergies

Q: I haven’t seen the serranol (what is the formulation and how will it benefit me compared to the previous prod) – Do they have it on the Australian website because that is where I have been ordering?

My diet is pretty good. I am off all wheat prod and have been eating the essence bread instead sometimes gluten free bread consisting of brown rice, etc.

I do eat a lot of fruit and veggies bur do enjoy a coffee every second day and am trying not to eat sweet things.

Leanne G.

A: This does many things which you can read about here

I have changed over to it for my personal health.


Serrapeptase Amount in Serranol

Q: I see the Serranol has half the amount of Serrapeptase in it – Does that mean you have to take extra on a daily basis compared to the Serraplus?

Leanne G.

A: No, you have other powerful things such as curcumin and ecklonia cava to balance the effect.


Q: Hi.
I have purchased the Serranol and have noticed that is has 2000iu’s of vit d 3 per capsule.

If I am taking 3 caps a day that makes it 6000 iu’s vit d a day, is that not too much in one day?

I am really worried about overdosing especially as I am getting a fair amount of sunlight each day.


Leanne G.

A: Leanne,

It is not a problem. I take 20,000iu per day and live in Spain.
FYI If you use sun screen you will not the benefit of Vit D3. Humans are made to get up to 30,000iu per day from total exposure to sun.

When to Take Serranol

Q: Always appreciate your speedy replies!

Is it ok to take Serranol before going to bed or will it keep me awake?

Also I have been using Moxxor for about 4 months with your products and find it an amazing source of omega 3 etc.. Have you heard of it before?
If not, I am including the website for it and thought you might like to read up on it being a N.Z product.
Never know u might like to try it!

Thanks once again.

Leanne G.

A: Leanne,

You can try SERRANOL at bedtime but I dont take it after 6pm.

The very best studies are produced by Krill oil.