Acne and Blackheads

Q: Hi,

I have acne (not too severe) and blackheads that I would love to clear away. Is serrapeptase effective in treating it? What is the recommended dose? Will it get rid of it completely and then I can stop taking it, or is it an ongoing treatment?

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A: Acne is caused by eating starchy carbs and other high sugar foods and drinks which are upseting your hormones and blood sugar. Take Serranol as well as stopping these foods and drinks and your skin will clear over 30 days. Your choice is then to work a food plan that you can keep it clear. Taking Serranol is only needed to fix the problems and if you do not have them then you do not need Serranol.



Depressed Acne Scars

Q: Can this be used for depressed acne scars.
What if one were to put in lotion and apply it to scars ??

Aaron L.,


A: Aaron,

You need to take SerraPlus+ 3 caps over the day
Apply Rio Rosa Oil topically daily

See these 2 at

Stop eating starchy carbs (the sugar in them cause of the upset hormonally system)


Back Acne

Q: I used to have an account with you but I allowed it to lapse I think. I don’t know how to access it now, anyway so if it is still live could you tell me how? Could you tell me also – my 19 year old son has bad acne on his back which has developed since he returned from 6 months in the Far East recently. Would Serrapeptase help this and help avoid or address existing scarring? Also, if so, what strength should he use and finally if that is not the solution, do you recommend anything else? I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Many thanks in advance.

Gillian L.,


A: Gillian,

Just call 0870 241 4237 and they can search and find your information.

Curcumin is better for your son and he needs to stop all starchy carbs until it has gone. These elevate sugar and insulin which upsets the hormones.



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