‘Serrapeptase gave me an easier, healthier pregnancy’

“My pregnancy with my first baby was horrible. I couldn’t get up, eat or drink anything without vomiting. I was always dizzy and weak. Because of this, I dreaded any future pregnancies, thinking it might all be the same.

When we were ready for the second baby, I wanted it to be a different experience for both me and my husband. I wanted to be stronger and to feel better while I carried my baby in my womb so I decided to try Serrapeptase as I was told that its tried and tested to be safe for pregnant women and that it helps clear out any inflammation in the body. Truly, I’ve never felt better. It gave me an easier, healthier pregnancy. My baby was born last March and she’s very healthy. I will continue taking this while nursing and breastfeeding.

Rina D., Canada



“Like many of today’s females I had decided to leave having babies to later in life but then I discovered I had numerous problems with spontaneous miscarriages, which the medical system had no successful solutions for. Like many women, I was getting desperate and so I started on my father-in-law Robert Redfern’s plan. It was not an obvious move for me but I did ask for help and took the supplement plan and diet recommendations on board. The plan was fine and I became pregnant. Things were okay at first but on my first scan the medics noticed a growth and they said this was probably a fibroid. I increased the iodine drops and started follwowing the diet to clear this, but I miscarried. I then decided to keep to the plan and the growth was gone in as little as eight weeks. After this I took the plan extremely seriously and followed the diet which is critical. I stopped all carbohydrates and sugar, along with alcohol, and kept to the Really Healthy Foods plan as advised by Robert. The supplement plan was also tightened and improved. I became pregnant again and kept to the diet and plan meticulously. This time everything went like a dream and my son Jacob finally started his new life.”

Sian Redfern, Robert Redfern’s Daughter-in-Law