Q: I have been taking serrapeptase for several years, and it’s one product I won’t go without. My question is: is it safe to take both astaxanthin and serrapeptase? Don’t both thin blood? By the way, I started taking systemic enzymes after having a blood transfusion due to extremely heavy periods.


-Kathy C., United States

A: Yes it is fine and FYI neither of them thins the blood.


Q: Hi Robert,

I have recently received my order of Serranol all the way in South Africa.

Could you please advise me on the dosages I require as I am trying to eliminate endometriosis. I follow a fairly healthy diet (Patrick Holford’s fat burner diet) and exercise and meditate, etc.

Thank you.

-Asha H., South Africa


A: 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal.

Follow this plan well: Endometriosis Health Plan

You have Serranol instead of BlockBuster and CurcuminX400.

Look carefully at the rest. Is seaweed eaten in ZA? Kep and Kombu will give you iodine.



Q: Dear Robert, I am a 28 year-old lady diagnosed with a 2-inch endometrioticovarian cyst. I so much want to avoid surgery that I have been researching for the last days and finally found articles about Serrapeptase. I decided to give it a try. But I am confused over the dosage and therefore which brand to prefer over another one. Given your experience, what would you recommend for my case and how long should I keep taking this enzyme?

I am interested into knowing your opinion, thank you.

-Tanya M., Brazil


A: Tanya,

You can clear this problem in a matter of 30-60 days if you stick to the diet plan:
Endometriosis Health Plan

You have Serranol instead of BlockBuster and CurcuminX400.

Look carefully at the rest. Is seaweed eaten in ZA? Kep and Kombu will give you iodine.


Q: Thank you very much dear Robert!

Some more questions: I always have problems swallowing big hard capsules. So I wonder what is the size of the ones you prescribed me to take? Would not be possible to cut them in smaller pieces and mix them in Water/food? I am aware of a potential loss by doing so but better than choking.

Could the Serra Enzyme(tm) 80,000IU Capsules be a valid replacement to Blockbuster AllClear given I could mix it with food?

I also have red and stinging eyes, dry eye syndrome, could you recommend any other specific supplement?

Do you ship in Europe? How long should the delivery take approx? I am really motivated to start the program asap.

I am interested into knowing your opinion, thank you.

-Tanya M., Brazil


A: The capsules are medium-sized. They can be opened and there will be a little loss depending how you manage to take them. I think you need to implement the existing plan first and if they do not clear up with the other things you are doing then we can discuss this.

In the meantime add MSM/Silver Drops to your order as these are useful and should be in everyone’s cupboard. In the worst case, you could taken SerraEnzyme as replacement for BlockbusterAllClear. You have to mix with water and NOT food. The warehouse in Europe is in the UK and you can order via www.GoodHealthNaturally.com


Q: I have a question: how long do I have to wait before eating again after having had a serrapeptase capsule? I remembered reading you need to have the capsule something like 30 minutes before eating and/or 90minutes after eating, is that correct? Have a nice day and thanks for the support!
-Tanya M., Brazil

A: Yes 30 mins before or 90 mins after to take them.


Q: I’ve been taking 80,000iu 6 per day for 3 months now, but there’s been no change in my pain. I have adhesions due to endometriosis, should I stop taking it, maybe it’s not working for me, I should see a change in 3 months right?
-Dinah L., Canada

A: Dinah, It may be the adhesions are stuck together and you need an operation to take them out. This time take serrapeptase to stop them forming again. You need to ask the doctors to investigate. This has worked for others in the past where they could not clear them.


Q: Dear Robert,

I get tears in my eyes by the idea that there is something out there and that this “Serrapeptase” might be the answer to my problems. After 20 years of pain caused by Endometrioses  and 2 operations, the doctors say the pain I have now and irregular bowel function is caused by Adhesions. They don’t think it is active Endometrioses. They can operate and remove some but this does not guarantee it will get better or they might come back again. I would like to try your Serrapeptase. Should I take the SerraPlus? And how many ?

With kind regards,
-Lydia L., Netherlands

A: Lydia,

After 20 years of bad treatment I trust I can help you to help yourself at last. It is not just one quick supplement and everything is fine but it is the plan both my wife and I follow just for anti-ageing and keeping good health.

Follow these plans: Follow this plan: Endometriosis Health Plan. There is one thing I must declare though. After having operations, these adhesions can be a problem and if the serrapeptase does not clear the adhesions you may need an operation to finally clear them and to give the Serrapeptase and the rest of the plan chance to keep it healthy in future.


Q: Hello, I am a 39 year old female. I have had Renal Vasculitis, now in remission, and stage four Endometriosis, which have both caused scarring to my kidneys. My GFR is now at 14. Will Serrapeptase help the scarred kidneys to recover, and possibly help me to avoid a renal transplant?

– R.H.

A: Dear R.H.,  Serrapeptase is a small part of the plan to clear this. Follow this plan – Endometriosis Health Plan.


Q: My question is: What can be done to get rid of two ovarian hemorrhagic cysts? They are on the right ovary – one is 5 cm. and one is 2 cm pressing on sacroiliac – very painful. Doctor is recommending birth control pills to control the cysts. I have ordered Blockbuster AllClear because I thought the condition was endometriosis, but MRI now shows it is blood cysts. Thank you for your help. I am very impressed with your book on miracle enzyme. Sounds too good to be true!

– Caroline R., Australia

A: Carolyn, It is the same plan in any case and you can find it here: – Endometriosis Health Plan.