The Shocking Truth About Why Doctors Don’t Prescribe Serrapeptase |

“Serrapeptase may become the most widely used nutritional supplement of all time because of its effectiveness with such a wide range of conditions.”

– Robert Redfern

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is a powerful ‘Miracle’ enzyme that can be used for healing a variety of health problems*. Yet many people have never even heard of it, let alone get to experience the benefits. One of the biggest reasons for this is that doctors don’t prescribe Serrapeptase like they do with general pharmaceutical drugs.

Many doctors don’t receive nutritional training and therefore aren’t aware of how powerful this enzyme can be for naturally healing everything from varicose veins to emphysema and even heart disease.

Serrapeptase for Good Health

Serrapeptase is so powerful is because it naturally heals the body. It does this without unwanted side effects commonly occurring from taking pharmaceutical drugs. The healing happens when the inflammation is dissolved and dissipated from the body. Once this is eliminated, the body can naturally begin healing itself.

Unfortunately, the medicine model in the USA and the UK is to follow Big Pharma. Therefore, their rules and regulations decry any use of alternative medicines any prescribed pill that they can’t make money off.

This is why so many doctors don’t know about this amazing enzyme. Additionally, it is the same reason why so many people have suffered the consequences of serious illnesses. As a result, painful symptoms manifest as the body’s warning sign that something isn’t right. These diseases could actually be prevented by eliminating inflammation in the early stages. Thefore, you need to pay closer attention.

Inflammation can also manifest in different ways. This includes swelling, red skin, pain in various body parts, blocked blood flow and even difficulty breathing.

Serrapeptase in Action

“Physician heal thyself” is a quote found in Luke 4:23. This statement couldn’t be truer in one doctor’s case.

Dr Simon Norton described the benefits as such, “It greatly improved the quality of many of my patients’ lives. I prescribed Serrapeptase for those with varicose veins on their legs. They looked like a bunch of grapes. After a few months, they return with scarcely any sign of disfigurement.”

Dr Norton also used the enzyme to heal himself and the members of his family, achieving excellent results.

Nurse Linda Tranter, who opened a practice in Gateshead UK, can attest to the power of Serrapeptase. Consequently, she never looked back since taking the enzyme. “At a recent conference, a colleague recommended an enzyme that was getting much publicity recently. The colleague who mentioned it had great success. After trying it on both myself and a great number of patients, the results are quite astounding,” she enthuses. “The results are so good. Everyone should be taking Serrapeptase.” says Linda.

‘It may take two tubs to believe’

The trouble is that it’s difficult to convince patients of the power of enzymes – until they try it for themselves. “People find talk about enzymes difficult to accept. They’re used to the instant fix of antibiotics. I tell them they’ll need two tubs of Serrapeptase before they see results,” confirms Linda. However, once they try and see for themselves the amazing results, they are quick to shout of its benefits.

As Linda recalls, “I had one distressed client because it took him ages to pass the smallest amount of urine due to his prostate trouble,” she said. “I suggested he take Serrapeptase and he agreed to give it a try. He called me recently, delighted with the results. He said he only took two tubs so far and well, it’s working!”

The good news is that doctors in countries like Germany, Japan and Singapore routinely prescribe the enzyme. This  is where the ‘Big Pharma’ model doesn’t reign supreme. Thus, in these countries, it possible to recommend more natural and safe solutions.

In addition, there are thousands of testimonials like the ones above. They showcase the amazing benefits of taking this natural enzyme for a wide variety of health conditions. You can read more of these testimonials at


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*Please note that this is not intended as medical advice. It is solely informational and educational about health.







The Shocking Truth About Why Doctors Don’t Prescribe Serrapeptase |