serrapeptase and weight loss

Serrapeptase may seem like a mysterious ‘Miracle Enzyme’ with countless testimonials to its name. Thousands of people around the world found it of benefit to their health condition.  Here are 10 points that will help you understand how this enzyme can support your health.

1) Serrapeptase clears the way for the body to naturally heal itself

Think about when you cut your finger. The body’s cells naturally start healing themselves, closing the wound. Inflammation occurs at the site of the wound, as the finger starts healing. Within a few days the open wound closes, preventing further infection.

The trouble occurs when a large amount of inflammation is created and it becomes chronic. The result is consistent pain and symptoms. These are signs that the body is struggling to overcome the inflammation, resulting in disease. The ‘Miracle Enzyme’ simply helps the body to clear the inflammation so you can overcome the painful symptoms.


2) Serrapeptase is an enzyme that  ‘eats’ away the inflammation

As it is a proteolytic enzyme (known as the Serratia E15 enzyme), it dissolves inflammatory tissue within the body. It does this while keeping living tissue intact. In addition, after dissolving inflammation, the body eliminates it via the liver or kidneys.


3) Serrapeptase is not actually made from silkworms.

Traditionally, the Serratia enzyme comes rom the intestines of silkworms. However, it is now made and cultivated on a fungal base in a laboratory. Therefore, the process of making it does not harm silkworms. Serrapeptase is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.


4) Serrapeptase is safe and without side effects.

It is perfectly safe to use for people of all ages and health conditions. Regardless of your health, it can clear inflammation, allowing healing to naturally occur. Any issues that a person may experience connects to a clearing effect. This means that the body is going through a clearing process. It will soon be experiencing improved health once the symptoms disappear.


5) Yes, doctors do prescribe Serrapeptase.

This may not be popular among doctors in the USA or UK due to the Western model of medicine focusing on Big Pharma. However, that’s because they’ve never heard of it. For over 25 years, this enzyme is being prescribed by some doctors in Germany and Japan, who are aware of its natural healing properties.


6) Benefits a wide range of health conditions

Everything from lung problems, headaches, adhesions, cysts, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, back pain, knee pain and various other problems can all benefit from taking it. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it helps alleviate the symptoms of pain, swelling, flare-ups, mucus, and coughing.


7) Serrapeptase heals pets too.

The enzyme is highly effective on animals. Many vets prescribe it to heal their pets and to prevent internal and external scarring, along with other inflammatory problems. By digesting the scar tissue, the healthy tissue eventually replaced the old scar. While it does not completely eradicate the scars, they did improve considerably. Therefore, the enzyme contributes to much success with healing cats, dogs, horses and all kinds of small animals.


8) Yes, Serrapeptase can be taken with other medications and supplements

It is safe to take it with any kind of medication or supplements. Yes, it is also safe to take with Warfarin and may even improve your cardiovascular health so you do not need to take it.


9) Serrapeptase does not need to be enterically coated to be effective, or at risk of being destroyed by stomach acid

There are no studies showing that the non-enteric coated one is not as effective or that it doesn’t work as well. There is misinformation showing that you need to take twice the amount of non-coated as compared to enteric coated to get the same effect. Yet all studies that have looked into the effectiveness of this enzyme over the past 30 years have used enteric coated.


10) Yes, serrapeptase can dissolve internal scar tissue

Take this for 3-6 weeks to dissolve any internal scar tissue and to ensure that it’s completely clear. It is the ideal solution for abdominal scar tissue that remains after surgical procedures.


These ten answers should help to explain why Serrapeptase is the solution you’re seeking to your health problems. To learn more about its many uses and health benefits, please visit