Q: Had an ultrasound this week – 0ur dog has either a large lung abscess, cyst or even cancer, he also has kidney inflammation. He’s 90 lbs. I want try Serrapeptase – how much can I give him? I need this to start working immediately.

A: This may seem a lot to do but it is designed to completely restore your dog (or you) to good health. Follow the Health Plan as recommended.


Q: My shih tzu has many large non-cancerous cysts on his body. Would taking serrapeptase make them disappear and how much should I give him? Does it take a very long time for them to disappear? He weighs 16 lbs.  

-Marlene B., United States

A: Try SerraPet 80,000IU tablets and Nascent Iodine Drops. Try 1 x 2 times per day 10 mins before food and it should take a couple of months to see the results. How long it will finally take is not predictable.


Q: I’m giving Serrapeptase to my dog for arthritis – and it is helping. BUT he’s recently developed a problem with his urinary tract. He is having blood in his urine. Is it still safe to give Serrapeptase while this is happening or will this supplement cause more blood loss. Is it a blood thinner? 

A: It is not a blood thinner. Serrapeptase should not cause this and in ten years I have not had anyone say this. This blood problem needs checking out by a vet.


Q: My 14 year old cat has asthma. Can SerraPet be taken with Prednisolone and Terbutaline or Theophylline (bronchodilators)?

-Cheryl F., United States

A: Yes it is not a problem with any drug. Try stopping all grains and cereals and any other starchy carbs. They are bad for people and our animals.


Q: I have a 15hh Arab Mare who has been suffering from a pollen allergy and had a runny nose this year. She has been treated by the vet and is on medication which is helping, however I was wondering if your product may help to? Also if I was to use your product what should I dose her on? She is roughly around 500kg.

-Kristina J., United Kingdom

A: Try SerraPet and HydroSol Silver. Spray the latter in water.


Q: My horse has a wheezing cough and mucus. I wondered what dose I would need to give. I feed her twice a day. Could I give before feeds? She is fine in the summer, she lives out and I steam her hay and wet her feed. Her weight is about 690kg.

-Helen, United Kingdom

A: Try SerraPet 80,000iu tablets 2 times per day and spray HydroSol Silver in the drinking water. Also try 2 caps of CurcuminX4000 3 times per day.


Q: We have a five-pound chihuahua that is 14 years old. She has some serious issues with her heart (enlarged, poor circulation). She also has small seizures three or four times a day where she loses her legs and collapses. She cries out when these happen and needs comforting to get through them. Fortunately, after a few minutes, she is ok and back up on her feet. Will Serrapeptase help her? What dosage should a small dog like this get? Thank you so much!

-Robert W., United Kingdom

A: Give her 1 tablet of SerraPet 80,000iu 2 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal. Give it to her in her muzzle and then hold it closed and stroke her throat until she swallows. It would be good if you also give her daily Multivitamins/minerals that have Selenium in it.


Q: How many pills would you feed a 1100-pound horse? He suffers from COPD & I have found nothing to help relieve his symptoms. I am afraid I might have to put him down if I don’t find something that will help soon. Thank you.

-Kate G.

A: Your horse is really suffering from fungal problems that are probably caused by eating (or too much) grains and cereals. These are not a natural food for animals. These are mainly contaminated by various fungal forms and I presume the horse is stabled, which will add to it. Here are my recommendations for a 60 day recovery plan:

  1. SerraPet 80,000IU tablets 2 x 3 times per day (try with a mint or other non protein treat)
  2. CurcuminX4000 2 caps x 3 times per day (try mixing the contents of the capsule with a small amount of food)
  3. HydroSol Silver 3 teaspoons per day
  4. BetaFactor – Beta 1,3-D Glucan Immune System Booster 1 x 3 times per day (at the same time as the Serraenzyme)


Q: I have a 12 year old male cat, very overweight (27 lbs), who has an injury to his back and shoulder from a fall many years ago, also has upper respiratory, cough and wheezing and nasal discharge. We have spent a fortune on natural supplements for his conditions, and finally resorted to antibiotics for the cough. Nothing really helps him. Would serrapeptase be worth a try, and how much would I give him, and in what strength? -Sheila C., United States

A: Try SerraPet 80,000IU tablets 1 x 2 times per day; CurcuminX4000 1 x 2 times per day; and a couple of sprays of HydroSol Silver in the drinking water 2-3 times per day.