Find Natural and Long Lasting Pain Relief Without Drugs...Scientists have developed a new painkiller that is stronger than morphine with reduced side effects when compared to traditional painkillers, according to new claims.

Opium drugs are the leading treatments for severe chronic pain. However, they can be highly addictive. They are also a major source of motor impairment and potentially fatal respiratory depression. In addition, it’s also possible to build up a tolerance over time. Ultimately, this can lead to an increased risk of abuse and overdose.

Considering the above risk factors, it is not worth taking painkillers, especially when there are natural solutions available.

Natural Alternatives

One natural alternative to painkillers is Serrapeptase. This is a proteolytic enzyme from the silkworm intestine, but now produced in a laboratory. It can safely dissolve and digest inflammation and safely eliminates it from the bloodstream. Inflammation is the cause of many painful symptoms in the body that can manifest into illness and disease if left untreated. Robert Redfern from highly recommends taking Serra Enzyme 80,000IU  for this purpose.

Other ways to find natural relief are to stimulate the acupressure points as this can ease any painful symptoms. The HealthPoint™ is a DIY electronic acupressure device that can provide instantaneous pain relief from a wide range of health conditions.

Magnesium Oil Ultra Spray with OptiMSM™ can also help to provide pain relief when sprayed directly onto the skin. Magnesium can enhance cell membrane permeability and ease any inflammation involved with pain management. The OptiMSM is the world’s purest MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and this can enhance permeability and facilitate the more efficient uptake of magneisum ions into the bloodstream.  All of the above are more efficient and safer options to take rather than painkillers if y ou are looking for long lasting pain relief, as they have no side effects in comparison.