Acupressure May Relieve Repetitive Strain InjuryRepetitive Strain Injury is one of the most common work related injuries. As more of us are spending time behind the computer, we are straining our wrists and fingers into unnatural positions. This can result in a loss of flexibility and strength, pain, swelling, tingling, numbness, or redness in the affected area. Overall this means that our work performance can suffer as we lose our ability to perform these tasks easily.

Some of these injuries may be temporary. However, they can also cause permanent damage to the soft tissues like the muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. This causes a compression of the nerves or the tissue.

Acupressure may be able to help provide relief for this health problem. Certain acupressure techniques can prevent tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. These two conditions cause thumb weakness, pins and needles (parasthesia) and a dull ache in the hand or arm.

How can Acupressure Help?

Chinese medicine uses acupressure on the body’s meridians. These are the channels or energy centres through which the body’s chi or energy flows. Health problems occur when these meridians are imbalanced or blocked, according to Chinese medicine. Stimulating the acupressure points can improve the flow of chi and this promotes the healing process. Acupressure can also help with triggering and providing the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals found within the body.

There is a lack of studies analysing whether acupressure is effective at preventing repetitive strain injury or not. However, there is evidence to suggest it may help against pain – a classic sign of repetitive strain injury.

Knowing how to accurately locate the acupressure points on the body is important. Mastering the acupressure points can make a big difference to your health. A good way to accurately pinpoint these acupressure points is to use an electro-acupressure device. HealthPoint™ from Good Health Naturally can provide help for over 160 health conditions, including most eye conditions.

Coupled with the Mastering Acupressure book, this device can help you to find effective relief for variety of conditions. The beauty of the HealthPoint™ device is that you can become a Master of Acupressure from your own home. Pain and discomfort can soon be a thing of the past!


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