Suffered from Vertigo and Tremors

“Dear Sir,

I suffered for some time from the effects of sub-enal aneurysm. The long term effects are vertigo and tremors. At one point the tremors were so bad the doctors thought it was Parkinson’s disease. I experienced these conditions for a long time and tried Co Enzyme Q 10 and Pycnogenol, with limited success.

‘Denis the Chemist’, my pharmacist, recommended that I try Serrapeptase. After only 3 weeks at 3 capsules per day, I can honestly say I never experienced feeling this good in my life.

My head is very clear, the tremor is going and best of all, no more vertigo. Really pleased that I can keep taking this for the rest of my life if necessary, and it cannot have any side effects.


With grateful thanks.”

– Rodney S.



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