Sinusitis Testimonials

“Allergies and Sinusitis gone”

“I discovered Serrapeptase in my search for a natural anti-inflammatory for my allergies. I developed chronic sinusitis due to exposure to chlorine, which I learned I am allergic to. In addition, I also have a growing allergy to wood smoke (I heat with wood).

Within about two weeks– or I would say maybe sooner– of taking Serrapeptase, I noticed a big difference. My sinuses were draining, in large part to my mucous being thinner, I think.

It has made all the difference and my nasal passages are not dry in the winter like they used to be.

I started with two capsules three times a day and now take only two in the morning and two before bedtime.

Tried to stop taking Serrapeptase to see what happens, and the stuffiness returns within days, and leaves once I’m back on Serrapeptase!

I recommend this to my clients, but unfortunately, folks seem reluctant to try something that is not a drug! Strange! Without health insurance, I pay close attention to what will naturally help my body to heal and stay healthy. Serrapeptase just feels like a wonderful thing to give my body! Thank you Serrapeptase!”

– C.F., USA


“Sinuses and nose feel completely clear!”

“Hi Robert

Hope all’s well and thanks for your help so far. You’ve been far more help than even my ENT consultant/surgeon so far to be honest. 🙂 Well here I am 2 weeks in and report as follows:-

Sinuses and nose feel completely clear almost as if there was never anything wrong with them. I’ve lost a good half stone in body fat or thereabouts, my smell and taste are back to normal too it feels great!”

-Matt S.


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    April 19, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    I am in Spain, where may i purchase SerraEnzyme?

    • joannam

      June 12, 2015 at 10:32 am

      Hi Jose, Please go to and order either online or telephone our order line from the number at the top right of our website. Thank you.

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