Back to good health after stroke

Q: My wife had a stroke recently which was a terrifying experience for us all. Since then she has been unable to get dressed in the mornings and eating and walking have also become much more difficult. Is there anything you can suggest which might help to put her on the path back to good health?

A: You must follow the Stroke recovery Health Plan immediately.

I suggest taking Serranol which contains the SerraEnzyme serrapeptase, Curcuminx4000, Ecklonia Cava and Vitamin D3 which will help to get the blood flowing again, along with HealthyFlow.

The ReFocus will also reduce any abnormal coagulation of the blood and and aid in stroke recovery, improving the blood supply to the brain. I also recommend the HealthPoint as it can help to ease any pain.

Clotting in the legs following stroke

Q: My brother had a stroke some years back with clotting in his legs. Since then he has been given blood thinners,and also cholesterol drugs,with the clots only getting worse. He started taking nattokinase,only to be told the enzyme should not be taken because of a danger of hemorrhaging. I have tried to find doctors that understood how to use the enzymes, but have not been successful. Maybe you can help. He lives in El Paso Texas. We would be thankful for any advice you could give.


A: Jack,

Strokes are caused by wrong lifestyle including: diet, breathing, liquid intake and exercises.

Your brother needs to follow a really healthy plan for the rest of his life. My brother had a stroke in January and I was over to the UK for a couple of weeks to help him recover which he did successfully. I taught him the plan to live by and what to take and now 7 months later he has gone back to his previous lifestyle and all I can do is cross my fingers for him.

Firstly enzymes will do your brother no harm. Drinking a Coke or eating a pizza will do him much more harm than any supplement.
One simple enzyme is not the answer. If he was to take one thing then it would be BlockBuster AllClear, 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a 16oz glass of water. See
He like everyone needs the willpower to get well and to follow the habits of health. Yes even to take 1 supplement needs these two things. If he can do this then he can do the rest.
Ask him and let me know if he wants me to work on a full plan for him.

Plan is below. Let me know when you have read it and you have your questions ready before I phone.
Stroke Recovery Health Plan


Serrapeptase After Stroke

Q: Hi my partner had a Stroke 5 weeks ago, he is 55 and never ill before this.
Can Serrapeptase HELP AFTER A STROKE????

If so HOW????



A: Adele,
I have a stroke recovery program that works usually 100% when it has only been 5 weeks. It worked for my younger brother in January within 2 weeks and that was 2 weeks after his stroke (a total of 4 weeks).

The plan is in the link below:
Stroke Health Plan


Serrapeptase to Prevent Stroke and High Cholesterol

Q: Does serrapeptase help to prevent strokes? Does it help with high cholesterol?
I would like to read your eBook Healthier lungs in 30 days.


A: Stopping starchy carbs and replace with vegetables and fruits as this will prevent strokes.

High cholesterol is not a disease, it is a warning of inflammation.


Hydration for Stroke Patient

Q: My wife has had a stroke and only drinks very slowly and it is a problem getting her to drink sufficient water in a day. Can you please say whether it is essential to drink a full glass of water after taking a serrapaptase capsules or whether a smaller quantity e.g. a quarter of a glass would suffice? Also whether fresh fruit juice can be substituted for water…
A: Water is best and a 1/4 glass every hour will be sufficient.

I recommend for her recovery:


Serrapeptase to Control TIA

Q: I have a family history of stroke and I had 3 TIAs since 2000. I wonder if it is effective to control TIA?
A: Yes, you have a choice between Serranol or BlockBuster. Both can be taken long term to prevent a recurrence. My recommendation would be BlockBuster and when you read the ingredients you may agree. They are both very good value. See them at

All strokes are caused by eating grains, cereals and potatoes. See my full heart/stroke plan and food recommendation Plan and lifestyle changes to ensure a good healthy future.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) Health Plan
Really Healthy Foods


Serrapeptase with Aspirin

Q: I take a baby aspirin each night before bed for stroke and heart attack prevention. Should I continue to take serrapeptase at night?
A: Yes you can take Serrapeptase at the same to time to help make sure your blood stays healthy. Take 1 in the morning and 1 at night going to bed.

For help with the above condition, check out this treatment for stroke Health Plan.

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