Clots in the Lungs

Q: I have a 100% occluded blood clot in the popliteal vein of my knee, which caused many clots in my lungs. I think there are still undissolved clots in my lungs, and/or tissue damage from these clots. I am currently on Warfarin. Which of your products would be best for me, and what initial dosage should I start out on?

A: Firstly, Warfarin does not dissolve clots. It only thins the blood and ‘hopefully’ prevents new clots.

You need to follow the plan in the link below. This plan is to clear the problems and get you healthy. No single supplement can do this. It is a lifestyle change: Thrombosis Health Plan.

Stroke-like Symptoms and Blood Clots

Q: Hello! Can I take Serrapeptase the same day as Rizol oil? This is a form of Ozone Therapy…
I also have herbs for lyme….
I had stroke like symptoms this week…How long does it take for serrapeptase to dissolve blood clots….am I going to be saved by taking it?


A: Yes you can take the same day.

I suggest you look at my recovery protocol as you have serious problems. I am including it here: Stroke Health Plan


Serrapeptase and Blood Clots

Q: Hi Robert,

I was talking about Serrapeptase with a friend of mine and he mentioned that when blood clots are interfered with they might break away and reach the brain or the heart to cause problems. Any views on this? Could this sort of problem occur as a result of S? Has your research covered this aspect? Who conducted the research, where, when etc?

A: Serrapeptase has been available for over 30 years and this is not a reported problem. Clots form as a result of chronic inflammation and by stopping the inflammation you stop the clots forming. Anyone with a serious clotting problem would use my BlockBuster formula which has Nattokinase, another enzyme that is superior to Warfarin at dissolving clots as they form.
Do you have my book? These questions are answered there as well as in the studies.
Please let me know what you want to to achieve with these formulas and I can advise you better.


Serrapeptase Dissolves Clots

Q: Dear Robert,

I am a little worried. Recently, I had ankle surgery and immediately went back onto Serrapeptase (80,000 x3/day) as recommended.

I was of the assumption that I would be protected from clots forming as per information in the Serrapeptase literature. Alas, I was wrong and have spent 9 days in hospital with pulmonary embolism!

Did I read Serrapeptase incorrectly? In taking Serrapeptase did I create the problem? As I am now on warfarin I can no longer use Serrapeptase.

This is a problem as I re-ordered the day before ending up in hospital. What should I do now?


A: FYI Warfarin does not dissolve clots either. It only hopefully prevent them forming by thinning the blood. They can still form though as it is not perfect.

Serrapeptase dissolves dead inflamed clots and does not dissolve live forming clots. That is why I created BlockBuster, which also has Nattokinase which will dissolve live clots as they form.

You can take Serrapeptase or you can take BlockBuster with warfarin. There are no drugs they interact with.

Warfarin is a trap. The only test they use to see if you need warfarin is guaranteed to keep you on it. The test is INR and a healthy person such as me will have an INR of 1. Doctors insist that you have an unhealthy INR of 2.4.

If your numbers go to 1 then they up your dose. So why am I not on warfarin? Because I eat a super healthy diet and cannot get a blood clot except when I cut my finger or break my legs and it bleeds. My blood will clot then as it should do. If I was on warfarin I could bleed to death from a cut if I could not get help.

Healthier blood

Q: Robert,

Thank you for getting back to me. I fully understand why they have me on Warfarin and what INR is all about. I was not aware that I could continue with Serrapeptase.

So you are telling me that continuing would not affect the INR result, right? I was taking the Blockbuster some time back so I guess I should have remained on it.

If you can confirm my question regarding the INR/Serrapeptase I will change over to Blockbuster when I complete the course of Serrapeptase. Any other help would be most appreciated.


A: John,

It may give you a lower reading of INR since your blood will become healthier. This would also happen if you only ate really healthy foods such as vegetables, avocados and dark skinned fruits.

This is the Catch22, the healthier you become the lower your INR and the more drugs you will be prescribed. This is all factual information that you can try and discuss with the docs but be prepared for a reticence to discuss fully.

Finally I would take BlockBuster rather than serrapeptase as this will still dissolve it if a clot forms.


 Vitamin K Complex?

Q: Hi Robert,

I am doing the program you recommended for me of 2 Vitamin K a day, 3 Curcumin, and 3 Blockbuster (3 times a day on the Blockbuster). Recently, I read about Vitamin K causing blood clots and stroke if you’re getting too much. I’m older, and this makes me worried.

I don’t go to doctors or have insurance and am hoping I can resolve this without going in for some expensive test. The stuff I’ve read says we get lots of vitamin K in leafy green vegetables.

Stick to leafy greens?

Might it be safer for me to just focus on eating plenty of these – maybe a cup or two a day of broccoli or collards or spinach? Or are you certain it’s safe for me to keep taking the 2 x Vitamin K supplements every day?

I’m not on any medications (since I don’t go to doctors) but have problems like cysts, swollen feet and ankles, and I’m sure plaque in my arteries (because I haven’t followed a good diet most of my life and took calcium supplements).

In addition, I’m also quite overweight. Might it be a good idea for me to stop the Vitamin K supplements and just do the rest of the regimen you gave me?


A: Yes you can get lets of Vitamin K in a full spectrum range of leafy greens and all you need to do is make sure you do eat them every day (2-4 cups?). Thus, you can drop the Vit K complex.

Having said that I have tried to find definitive proof that taking Vitamin K is bad for us and I cannot find any.

It is likely it is just another unscientific story that has been picked up my the medical system and given credibility for their own ends. I take Vit k complex as well as lots of leafy greens per day.


Curcumin vs. Warfarin

Q: How does curcumin compare to warfarin in preventing blood clots? How difficult is to get off warfarin and on curcumin? How much curcumin do you have to take and how do you measure the pt/ptinr?

A: I suggest:

BlockBuster Allclear 2 caps x 3 times per day 30 mins before eating a meal (
Serranol 1 cap x 3 times per day with the BlockBuster (

This will give you a healthy INR of 1 and healthy blood. Then your doc will say “My god we have to give you massive doses of warfarin” and you are then stuck with a choice. Docs or natural health. Ask your doc what readings does he want to get you off warfarin. He cannot answer the question because no one told him the answer.


Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Q: Hi my name is Tad. I am 54. A year and a half ago they found a blood clot in my left leg. I was on Coumadin for a year and the clot got smaller but is still there.

The doctors took me off the Coumadin, because they felt the clot was scarred over. During that time I have found out I now have Polymyalgia Rheumatica. The only thing I’m taking for inflammation is some Ibuprofen.

Because I am afraid for the side effects of the corticosteroids and other drugs that want me to take for inflammation. And they told me the polymyalgia will go away in a year to 3 years. Could I take Serrapeptase and if so how much? Hope you can help me get better.


A: Tad,

My full plan is in the link below. I recommend you apply the full plan to make sure it is cleared up.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) Health Activity Plan


Small Blood Clots

Q: I developed 3 small blood clots—1 behind the knee, 2 below—following having my knee “scoped” for a torn meniscus. The docs wanted me on Coumadin (the blood thinner), but I opted for Nattokinase and Serrapeptase (3,000 mg/day, Source Naturals, $22.50 for 60 500 mg capsules)—starting 2 weeks ago.

Can’t tell for sure, but seems to have already improved somewhat, though still not yet “right”—swelling/soreness/stiffness. Going back for ultrasound clot testing in 4-5 weeks. Yesterday, I did a 22 mile single-track mountain bike ride, mostly at over 8000 feet. Felt strong, no pain. Any suggestions to accelerate healing process?

A:  You have the perfect plan and it should clear your problem. SerraEnzyme 80,000iu is better value. Serrapeptase should not be measured in mg as this is weight and not activity. Unless they state the IU activity per gram you have no idea what you are buying. See my formulations here: all measured in IU