Excruciating Body Pain and Headaches

Q: My daughter is experiencing excruciating body pain and headaches and after many tests, the doctors can find nothing. I ordered serrapeptase from you but was unsure of what is the right dose for her. She is 18 and lost several pounds. What would be a correct dose and what else could help her as she still does not have her diagnosis. Thank you for your help!


A: Take SerraEnzyme 2 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal.

I also recommend:1st Line Immune Kit and Prescript Assist

Stop all starchy carbs.

Drink 6 glasses of water per day with a 1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.

Migraine Help

Q: I am wondering what the best formulation and dosage would be for treating migraines. My daughter suffers from severe migraines due to a pinched nerve. Her physical therapy run out and I thought that serrapeptase would help her. I need a vegetarian product for migraines. This is due my daughter’s financial situation. She is a disabled veteran. Cost is also an issue and I would appreciate the most cost-effective option.

Please let me know what you recommend. Thank you.

A: She can start with SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal.
Stop starchy carbs (wheat etc) and change to Quinoa.

Chronic Daily Migraine

Q: Hi Robert,

I suffered with chronic daily migraine for 20+ years. Serra at 80,000 x 6 per day and natto x 2 per day changed my life and made me much less sensitive to smells – perfumes etc.

Then 4 weeks ago I got a reaction to Natto and needed to stop it. This is not unusual for me as I am sensitive to so many things especially anything involving bacteria: I can’t tolerate probiotics for that reason. I am getting a good response by increasing the Serra and am now up to 2 x 4 per day. I find that taking them six hourly works much better than just 3 x day.

I am wondering if it’s safe to go higher. A leaflet enclosed in a recent package from you said no more than 3 x day.

I would appreciate any advice.

A: I will inquire about the package instructions although it may be a requirement under new laws coming out and I was not told.
You can take more very safely but I suggest Curcuminx4000 (6 per day) taken at the same time as the SerraEnzyme. You can try lower doses after you get success.


Q: Thanks for that. Curcumin is no good for me as when I tried it the allergic reaction was so severe that it was frightening. There are very few food supplements to which I am not allergic.

I will increase the Serra slowly and see how I go. Do you offer an extra discount to pensioners like me who have to use so much?

A: Pity about Curcumin, with Serrapeptase they are the best supplements around. I am passing your email onto sales regarding discounts.


Headache and Muscle Pain

Q: I have been taking Serragold 120,000 units at night for about 5 weeks. I started getting headaches during the night so I stopped taking it for about a week. Then the muscle aches returned so I started taking it again. The aches went away but the headaches returned. Any advise?

A:  I suggest taking SerraEnzyme 1 x 3 per day which is pure serrapeptase. See it at www.GoodHealthUSA.com


Q: Hello Robert…. I emailed Good Health Naturally in the hope that they would forward it to the appropriate person. I have to report that after a lifetime of sinus and shocking headaches I began to take Serrapeptase four years ago and both my daughter and I have been totally free of this problem since then. We recommend it to so many people.

We live in Portugal and my daughter lives in England…she told us that she had started to take another form of Serrapeptase that had been advertised on the website and had had the most shocking headaches, so bad she had had to come home from work. By strange coincidence, I had started two days previously to also take Serranol…much more expensive, but thought that as we are going to Nepal and Tibet in the New Year for two months, that it would be good for me to start taking it now.

I had had a headache on both days I had taken it. I stopped taking it and went on to my original Serrapeptase and the headaches stopped… My question was to Good Health Naturally if I could return it (minus six pills) and exchange for my original pill… I had no reply and am now wondering how you got my email. What do you think about this? I do not want to have these pills just stuck here in my bathroom cabinet… help would be appreciated.


A: Yes they will alway replace anything anytime. Just call them or email them. Very strange with the Serranol? It is also working on the brain of course and maybe a lower amount to start may have worked. I take up to 6 per day when heavy work is underway.


Bad Headaches

Q: Dear Mr Redfern,

I am currently taking 2 Serraplus 3x per day. For the last week or so I have woken in the night or very early morning with quite bad headaches. I did think this was maybe a virus or something but find that once I actually get up the headache resolves, so was just wondering if this could be the Serrapeptase as I seem to recall that one of the qualities is lowering high blood pressure (which I don’t have). If so, could you please advise what to do as I have gained pain relief from a very painful knee op with the SerraPlus. I have reduced the dosage of the SerraPlus from 3×3 per day to 2×3 per day which I take on waking, before lunch and before bed.


A: The only way to tell is to stop and restart and if the problem comes and goes then it may be the MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) in it.