Properly Managing Stress

Q: Lately I have been feeling that stress is just too much for me. Work has too much pressures and my child is ill for the past few weeks. I am going all over the place and it’s been getting on top of me. I hate to feel like the victim but I have never felt so stressed in my life. In addition, it is making me feel slightly depressed. Is there anything you can recommend to me so that I can cope with this better? Thanks.

A: Yes, it’s vital that you learn deep breathing exercises so that you are getting oxygen into your system, this can help to relax your nervous system and help to control stressful thoughts and feelings better. My Stress and Anxiety Health Plan can also help you to manage anxiety and help you to relax. Relaxwell is the main product I recommend for this as it contains L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine which can support effective relaxation. in addition, it can help you to manage your stress levels and make you feel more rested and prepared for whatever life throws at you as a result.

Relief for the Overworked

Q: I have been feeling overworked lately and I have been super stressed as my father is ill and I’m looking after him constantly. What are your recommendations for help with stress relief?

A: Take Relaxwell, 2 capsules, thirty minutes before going to sleep. The Krill Miracle is also recommended as it can help to support your immune system. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, I also recommend the HealthPoint electroacupressure device which can immediately relieve stress when applied to the relevant acupressure points. Follow my Stress and Anxiety Health Plan for the diet and lifestyle to follow on a consistent basis to accompany these supplements, if you want effective results.


For help with Sleep and Relaxation, check out this Stress and Anxiety Health Plan.

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