Clinical Depression

Q: Hi Robert,

Like to check whether serrapeptase helps anyone who has clinical depression? My husband have been suffering for 3 years and has taken anti-depressants but they have no effect.
I would be grateful for your advice, thanks.
A: Balbir,

I can help you. Which country are you in?

A: Dear Balbir,

If he is severely depressed I suggest you give him:

Emotion Nutrition – Take 2 caps in morning and 2 at bedtime
SAM-e Plus+ – Take 1 Cap x 3 times per day 10mins before meals
RelaxWell – Take 1 cap x 3 times per day 10mins before meals

Order these at or phone them on 0800-015-1580

As soon as he has been on them for a week or so then reduce the drugs slowly.

As soon as he is stable then stop starchy carbs and both of you should follow our really healthy foods plan.

Really Healthy Foods:


Clinical Depression with Irritability

Q: Hello,
Could you please recommend the most efficient product for extreme irritability, stress and coming and going depression? The irritability is of the most concern. I am 46.

Thank you in advance.
A: This is easy to fix but you need to follow the plan carefully:

RelaxWell – Take 1 capsule x 3 times per day
Emotion Nutrition – Take 2 caps x 2 per day
SAM-e Plus+ – Take 1 x 3 times per day

See these at
Stop all grains and cereals (bread, pasty, biscuits, cereals, cookies, pasta etc)



Q: Thank you for the prompt reply and information, Robert.

All 3 products are recommended to be taken at the same time, correct?

Also, is it OK to combine the below listed products with CurcuminX4000, Serra Enzyme 80000IU, Energy Plus and Nascent Iodine? I started taking these products from January-February of this year.


A: Yes it is safe to combine them with the earlier things. Take the new things at the time shown on each bottle.