Son with ADHD is lot calmer

“My son is beginning to settle in class a lot more these days and he seems a lot calmer when he comes home from school. I was at my wit’s end trying to find an answer – who knew it could be so simple as his diet and taking the right nutrients to feed the brain? Thank you, thank you for all that you do…”

                               Jane, Sheffield



Nothing seemed to work until your website

“Kieran my son was diagnosed with ADHD and the doctor advised me to put him on meds. We tried it all and nothing seemed to work, until I came across your site. I found out that by taking the right nutrients and feeding him a healthy diet, we could turn things around…this seemed like a natural solution. I put my faith in the plan and was so glad I did…I’ve noticed a bit improvement in his behaviour and I can finally get some peace in the evenings when he comes home from school. He seems much more content in himself which is great. I can’t recommend the ADHD Health Plan enough.. Thank you!”

Linda, USA



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