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“I joined this message board at the request of my daughter, Cathy. My husband is the patient she is talking about so I will let you know some of the things we have experienced. When we went to the first appointment last week, we were hopeful but cautious….

We spent several hours at the office watching videos of patients before and after their first treatments, taking tests, interviewing and filling out papers. During the videos, I became a little worried and cynical, thinking that maybe the cases weren’t factual but ten minutes after my husband had his first injection, I saw one of those minor miracles.

He showed marked improvement on his drawing of a clock. He seemed euphoric after the injection and during the week showed improvement in his interaction with others particularly in conversation. He said his mind felt clearer. He also improved – baby steps – in his reading. He is still not reading fluently but is somewhat better.

Yesterday we had our second appointment. Again, after the injection, there was a slight improvement on the clock test. He didn’t seem to have the euphoria this time but today felt strong and again interacts and joins in conversations. His attitude and affect have changed dramatically and he seems pretty normal to the casual observer, I think.

Ray of Hope

We are cautiously optimistic because we are seeing changes in his personality and have hope that he will continue to gain skills lost in the not-too-distant past. This ray of hope is so encouraging because the only advice we’ve received from other doctors involved in our case is to prepare for long-term care g with no chance of regaining lost abilities.

This treatment doesn’t come cheap but we are thankful that we can handle the expense. I grieve for all the people who are faced with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and have no recourse but to let it run its course. With the baby boomers coming of age, we are going to see a huge drain on our society physically and monetarily so we need to work fast to offer relief to these people.”




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Right Supplements for Alzheimer’s

“I am on a group forum for Alzheimer’s Disease. You have been such a help in getting my husband on the right supplements. He is taking everything you recommended and is doing well. I do not want this treatment for him as yet. I will continue the supplements until such time when they no longer help. In the meanwhile, I would like this treatment to be available for him when he is ready for it.

The new treatment for AD, Intraspinal Injection of Enbrel, is working minor miracles for the patients able to afford it. We are trying to have this treatment approved for AD in the US so mainstream America can be a part of this miracle.

We are trying to get the word out. I will forward a letter for your review and hope you have suggestions as to how to get this accomplished.

As always, I do appreciate you. Please let me know if you are open to helping. If so, I will forward the letter.

Thank you so much Robert.”





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