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Senile Dementia Testimonials

Gravatar_transparenteSerrapeptase Helps with Senile Dementia

“My mother was diagnosed with senile dementia and it was hard on all of our family in terms of care. It was difficult getting her to recognise or remember simple names and objects we might refer to. Upsetting, but I didn’t trust what the doctors told me that it couldn’t get better. Then, I decided to do my own research and came across your site.

I took your advice and followed your health plan, which we discussed. Thus, I am starting to see good changes in my mother’s mental health. She now begins to recall names again. It is a slow progress but I can finally say there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not expecting miracles. However, with these healthy changes I can see her dementia becoming more managable in the long term. Thank you!”

– Elizabeth, Kent

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Testimonios de Demencia Senil

Gravatar_transparenteSerrapeptase Ayuda con la Demencia Senil

“Mi madre fue diagnosticada con demencia senil y fue difícil para toda nuestra familia en términos de atención. Fue difícil hacer que reconociera o recordara nombres y objetos simples a los que podríamos referirnos. Estaba molesta, no confiaba en lo que los médicos me dijeron sobre que no podía mejorar. Entonces, decidí hacer mi propia investigación y encontré tu sitio.


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