Cardiac Disease Problems

Q: My husband has cardiac disease problems, especially his heart. He occasionally has some trouble with it from time to time. What can you recommend me to give him to initiate the healing process?

A: BlockBuster AllClear is recommended for heart problems, to be taken with the Serranol. OxySorb and HealthyFlow can also help. See my Cardiac Disease Health Plan for more information.


Blood clot in the leg

Q: I’ve recently quit smoking and drinking after being told that I have a blood clot in my leg. I am worried about it and not sure what can be done before it progresses to anything worse.

A: Get on my healthy diet and lifestyle plan immediately. You can find plenty of recipes that will help at Really Healthy Foods. In addition, please follow my Cardiac Disease Health Plan too as it contains the nutrients your body needs to start on the path to good health.


For help with the above condition, check out this cardiac problem treatment Health Plan.

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